Russian tourist raped in a group way by hotel animators in Turkey due to overpayment for a tour

Russian tourist raped in a group way by hotel animators in Turkey because of overpayment for a tour

The Nemalakhov Telegram channel spoke about a scandalous shocking incident in Turkey: a Russian tourist, a 45-year-old Muscovite, was raped by an animator of a Turkish hotel along with his relative. It all happened when a Russian woman tried to get a refund from a hotel employee for a clearly inflated price tag on an excursion.

According to the source, everything happened in the Manavgat resort (Antalya province). The Russian tourist was vacationing at an unnamed hotel with her husband and child. “Jock-animator” Ahmed, according to the channel, “entertained tourists on the beach.” And at some point it turned out that “the woman’s family overpaid 150 euros” for the excursions.

“The muscular athlete listened carefully to the claims of the Muscovite and agreed to return the money. At the same time, the child of the Russian woman fell ill. Therefore, she and her husband had to go to the promenade one by one. One evening, a tourist met Ahmed and his cousin. The lady reminded about the money, and the jock animator offered to drive to the nearest ATM,” writes the telegram channel.

Further, “Ahmed steered towards the ATM, but came to the sea,” the authors of the channel write. “Suddenly the motorcycle bounced on the sandy potholes and all three fell on top of each other. Ahmed offered the passenger to have group sex. The woman said no. Then the bastards seized her by force. At the hotel, the Russian woman told her husband everything in tears,” they add. Whether tourists contacted the police – there is no information, but hotels usually try to hush up such incidents so as not to lose their reputation.

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