Russian tourist revealed 4 secrets of a good hostess in Italy, which are ashamed in Russia

Russian tourist revealed 4 secrets of a good hostess in Italy, which are ashamed in Russia

a good housewife in Italy, which “ours definitely will never do, so as not to disgrace.” She shared the details in her Yandex.Zen channel.

First, cover the furniture with a blanket. The presence of a blanket on the sofa and armchairs is a prerequisite that Italian hostesses fulfill. In a European country, such everyday behavior is not considered shameful, since practicality and convenience, combined with style, are held in high esteem. “On the one hand, in this way they keep the furniture in its original form so as not to stain it or damage it, because the blanket is much easier and cheaper to wash or replace. On the other hand, the cape is considered an element of decor, they sincerely believe that in this way they create comfort,” the author explained. At the same time, in Russia, blankets and other covers for sofas and armchairs are considered a relic of the past and a grandmother's “symptom”.

Secondly, water indoor flowers in pots with the remnants of coffee and tea. The economy of Italian women is manifested in small things. For example, they do not pour the remaining unfinished tea or coffee into the sink, but use them to water flowers. In addition, they believe that this way they save on fertilizers, because the liquid contains the elements necessary for the soil. “Just imagine a Russian hostess who, after a family dinner or gatherings with guests, takes mugs with unfinished drinks and pours them not into the sink, but into flowers,” the Russian woman presented a portrait of an average compatriot.

Thirdly, use frying oil for a few days. “When I found out about this, I became more wary of small family restaurants and cafes, which are so popular in Italy. But what if they use frying oil many times, not only at home, but also in establishments? We will immediately shame such housewives, ”she said.

Fourthly, use the old salad as a filling for ravioli. The author drew attention to the fact that this kitchen habit is typical only for Italy, because. in Russia, ravioli – Italian pasta made from dough with various fillings – is not popular. “Imagine, for example, that you use half-eaten dishes as a filling in a pie or pancakes. It’s not far from poisoning, ”the traveler was indignant.

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