Russian tourist revealed the secret of a little-known resort in Turkey for domestic vacationers

Russian tourist revealed the secret of a little-known resort in Turkey for domestic vacationers

A Russian blogger living in Turkey continues to acquaint domestic tourists with vacation spots popular with the Turks themselves , but little known among Russians. So she presented on her Yandex.Zen page a resort town on the Aegean coast with a name that evokes quite “relaxing” associations among Russian-speaking people – Datca.

“Perhaps, many of our compatriots know that the Aegean coast is especially popular among the local residents of Turkey. Many people know that Bodrum and its suburbs are popular with locals. But not many people know about such a town as Datca.

It is located on a peninsula and by our standards it is a medium-sized village. A very quiet, cozy place,” the blogger said.

According to her, the rest here is not the typical Turkish one that many of our compatriots are familiar with – there are no huge all-inclusive hotel complexes, but there are houses and apartments for rent, some have to go to the sea from 15 minutes, but there are lovers and for such a vacation. Although it is primarily a “local” resort for domestic tourists.

“The vast majority of tourists are the local population of Turkey. Apparently, many come here for the whole summer. In any case, for a long time. There are a lot of stylish and quite expensive hotels in Datca that offer three meals a day, but usually have a not very large territory, which also has a pool. And also in the city there are a lot of villas and apart-hotels where you can book a room with a kitchen. Most of them (not all) are located in such a way that at least one side faces the sea and a beautiful view opens from the windows,” the blogger said. At the same time, according to her, a room in Datca cost almost a third cheaper than in Bodrum. True, the hotel was a 15-minute walk from the sea. “Perhaps this is his main drawback,” the blogger added.

To the beach of the resort, in her words, “many vacationers come to the beach with their folding chairs, tables, umbrellas”, especially since the local MIGROS hypermarket “sells everything you need for a beach/summer vacation, including folding chairs, tables and umbrellas”

“Dutca can be called, in a sense, a holiday village with its own measured, unhurried life. Definitely, Datca is suitable for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday worries,” the blogger concludes his story. For those who are tempted by this atypical Turkey, she also gives instructions on how to get there: “A ferry leaves from the port of Bodrum to Datca three times a day. Travel time is two hours. A ticket in the summer of 2022 cost 200 lira (about 700 rubles). Don't throw away the ticket. On it from the port of Datca you can take a free bus to the city. There are buses from Marmaris to Datca. They leave quite often (about once an hour). Travel time is on average 1.5 hours. The fare was 60 liras (approximately 210 rubles),” the blogger said.

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