Russian tourist told how to live like a king in Dubai for 30 thousand rubles a month

Russian tourist told how to live like a king in Dubai for 30 thousand rubles a month

To live like a king in Dubai for 30,000 rubles, according to a Russian tourist, is to rent a room for a month and eat what you have to, since the “royal” budget does not include food, excursions and shopping, i.e. The traveler's ideas about luxurious life in the UAE have nothing to do with reality. She shared her expectations from the “royal” life in Dubai for two average Russian living wages on the Yandex.Zen channel.

“I have never met better conditions for existence anywhere. How convenient everything is here! And unlike Abu Dhabi (the capital of the UAE), I would stay here for a long time. Now I understand why more than half of the entire population are visitors from all over the world … the city seems to motivate you to “better yourself”. I really want to develop, engage in creativity and sports – after all, there are a lot of areas with sports grounds, treadmills, parks. And by the way, even a budget tourist will like it,” said the tourist.

During her stay in the city, she learned that for budget travelers there is a large selection of apartments for long-term rentals. “It is very possible to find a cheap option for yourself. Couples can rent a room for themselves for 30,000 rubles and live in Dubai for a whole month. Or maybe all three months. Do not be afraid, for 30,000 rubles any amenities are implied in the form of a washing machine, a kitchen with a refrigerator, even a gym and a swimming pool. Why do you not enjoy your holiday? During the day you walk and marvel at the modernity of the city, and in the evening you come home to sleep. As for me, this is a royal physical relaxation! she clarified. However, the traveler herself did not try on the “royal” comforts and stayed at a party.

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