Russian tourist understood 8 rules of life for Italian women that Russian women can adopt

A Russian tourist understood 8 rules of life for Italian women that Russian women can adopt

“All Italian women have an amazing sense of satisfaction with themselves and their lives, which can be seen on their faces,” the Russian traveler noted and talked about the reasons that “make” them feel happy. As a result, the author understood 8 rules of life for Italian women that Russian women can adopt and set them out in her Zen channel “Alone in a Strange City.”

The Russian traveler identified the following traits and habits of Italian women, which, in her opinion, you can borrow Russian women, because the rules of life of Europeans will become an inspiration for Russian women, helping them develop self-confidence and give their style more individuality, the author of the material believes:

High self-esteem

Italian women are self-confident and feel they have a right to love and attention. Russian women can borrow this self-confidence and not doubt their worth. According to a compatriot, the self-esteem of Italian women comes from childhood: “Dad is the first man in the life of any woman who lays the foundation for her future high self-esteem. Italian women are very lucky in this sense – men in Italy simply adore their daughters. Girls don’t have to earn their love with good behavior and excellent grades at school… From the first months of their lives, Italians hear: mia stella (my star), amore mio (my love), mia bellezza (my beauty), mio ​​tesoro (my treasure) and get whatever they want from their fathers.”

Independence in appearance

Italian women do not worry about their appearance and do not allow men to dictate to them how they should look. Russian women can emulate this and not be burdened by imposed beauty standards, the traveler believes. “An Italian woman never asks the question: “Am I beautiful enough for my man?” … Feel like perfection and attract men to you like a magnet. And if an Italian woman lies under the scalpel of a plastic surgeon and spends all her money on branded items, it is only because her soul so desired, and not because her lover decided that she was not beautiful enough for him, ”added the Ural tourist.

No rush to get married

Italian women are in no hurry to tie the knot simply because they “stayed up in the girls” and carefully choose a partner that matches their ideas about the ideal husband. And even after that they can live with him, but in a civil marriage. Russian women can adopt the absence of fear of being alone and choose a partner more consciously.

Freedom in relationships

Italian women do not “cling” to their husbands and can be independent. True, legislation gives them confidence in this. “Women in Italy are better protected by law than men. So much better that after a divorce, Italian women often get everything, leaving men without a cent in their pocket. Therefore, even in marriage, Italian women can afford to be independent and free,” the author compared, referring to spending money and relationships “on the side.” Russian women can take an example and not feel the need to obey male opinion in everyday matters.

“Italian men don’t particularly like this position, and one of the reasons why they marry foreign women, in particular Slavs, is that the latter are more accommodating, they can be controlled, which doesn’t work with an Italian wife,” the blogger is sure.< /p>

Independence in choice

Italians follow their own desires confidently and do not let others choose for them. Russian women can master the skill of making decisions and keep others from interfering with their choices.

Freedom in hairstyles

Italian women don't bother with complicated hairstyles and prefer to wear their hair naturally at any age. “If the hair is annoying, it is better to cut it, but in no case will they be pacified with hairpins, elastic bands and hairpins. Even at solemn events, such as a wedding, you can rarely see ladies with complex styling or intricate hairstyles, only the bride and her girlfriends will be with such, and even that is not a fact, ”the traveler drew attention. Russian women can free themselves from the pressure of social standards of beauty and also express their individuality.

Passion for fashionable shoes

Italians love fashionable shoes and are ready to make sacrifices for the sake of style . Russian women can borrow their passion for fashion details and update their wardrobe wisely.

Using accessories

Italians know how to add numerous details and accessories to their image, making it spectacular, even if their outfit is the simplest. “They hardly part with things dear to their hearts and often use vintage looks in their looks – scarves, handbags, jewelry, behind which there are some memories, and even love stories. So, we can say with confidence: the brighter, more layered the image of an Italian woman, the more accessories it has, the more fans and adventures she has behind her,” the author emphasized. At the same time, Russian women can experiment with accessories and not be afraid to stand out.

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