Russian tourist unexpectedly understood why Russians are considered sick in India

Russian tourist unexpectedly understood why Russians are considered sick in India

In Russia, alcohol and cigarettes are sold at every turn, which are available to everyone – from young to old, so women smoke even when they are pregnant. This fact was surprised by an Indian who is familiar with Russian life and culture, calling all our compatriots “sick”. In a conversation with a Russian tourist who has been vacationing in India for two months, he said that he was most shocked in the Russian Federation.

“In any tent, shop or supermarket, there is a huge selection of alcoholic beverages everywhere. This is an interesting remark, because Prohibition has been introduced in his (interlocutor's) state. And in Russia, even a child can buy a bottle. The same goes for cigarettes. Both children, and men, and pregnant women smoke. Therefore, my Indian friend thinks that all Russians are sick from birth, because our mothers smoke even when they are pregnant,” the author wrote on her Yandex.Zen channel.

In addition, the Indian was surprised not only by the availability of alcohol and tobacco products, but also by the widespread cleanliness. “If in India garbage is lying on every centimeter, it smells of sewage, insects fly, people sit on the pavement, eat, sleep on the ground, too, then in Russia everything is different. Russians are taught to use the urn at school: if you eat a candy, throw the candy wrapper into the urn. And without a janitor, nowhere… India has its own rules: people think that they were not born to aim at the trash can, so they continue to throw garbage under their feet or out the window, ”the Russian woman said.

The girl shared a story that happened during her trip from Mumbai to Delhi. She called her serious-looking fellow travelers, the police brigade, ill-mannered. “People in uniform looked like very serious guys. They even had socks with the inscription “police”. At the station, they bought food, chips and water. When the train started moving, they began to eat. More precisely, to eat, because it looked terrible. Everything flew and fell on the floor, on their clothes, on the shelf, where they then fell asleep, without even cleaning up after themselves. Further, the police began to throw all the garbage out the window one by one. Unfortunately, the windows in the carriages are not closed. Probably to make it easier to dispose of waste. I looked at them straight at point-blank range, and did not want to believe my eyes. Healthy uncles of such a serious position, but in fact, they behaved like ill-mannered children … This is a gesture! – the girl said, indignant at what was happening on the railway tracks.

The working Russian women became a shocking fact for the Indian. He drew attention to the fact that our compatriots occupy a variety of positions: sellers, bartenders, waitresses, cooks, cashiers, cleaners, janitors, doctors, dentists.

The tourist noted that during her stay in the Asian country she rarely met working women. All of the above professions have been mastered by men, while women are supposed to stay at home and raise children.
In addition, the Indian remembered Russia for the variety and availability of fruits and vegetables. In India, they either do not exist, or are offered at “sky-high prices”. Conquered the heart of a foreigner and Kuban pink tomatoes. According to him, he never ate tastier tomatoes.

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