Russian tourist was shocked after a train ride in a popular country

Russian tourist shocked after train ride in popular country

a trip from a small village to Delhi by a Russian tourist who came to India “for trash”. She described the shocking details and her emotions on the blog of the Yandex.Zen service.

According to the traveler, she still had to go with the Indians, “rubbing their bodies with them from tightness” – all for the sake of economy and getting thrills. “Since we will go to Delhi from a small village, there are no railway ticket offices here. These issues are resolved by a special reseller, who charged us an extra 40 rubles for his services, but registered two tickets for us in a sleeping car. We will be driving for 24 hours. The ticket price for one person was 700 rubles. If you prefer a domestic plane, then a flight from Mumbai to Delhi is 7,000 rubles,” she said about the beginning of her journey.

The appearance of the train only confirmed the guesses of the extreme Russian woman that “it won’t be very good” in the car. “The windows are open, and there are iron bars on them, because of them the black faces of the Indians stick out, like a whole train of criminals,” the author explained.

Since the girl boarded at night, the passengers of the train were asleep. “The conductor came, looked at the two “foreigners”, looked at our tickets and asked to follow him. The fact is that until 9:00 in the morning we had to ride sitting, and when the sleeping place is free in the morning, we will go on recumbent beds. But the conductor pushed the two sleeping passengers aside and asked them to leave our future sleeping places. The young man and I “got crazy,” she continued the story.

Looking at the comfort of the Indian car, the traveler drew attention to the unsanitary conditions of passenger transportation: tourists sleep on shelves without mattresses and linen, the car is not equipped with air conditioning. After each passenger, the shelves are not processed: “… they lay down on the accustomed places after these poor Indians. Unpleasant, of course, is not the right word! We have this car without air conditioning, but there are three fans, and they were “attached” directly to the ceiling of the car. From 3:30 in the morning we started a long trip with the Indians in the neighborhood … Here it is customary to use the train as an electric train. There are three shelves in an open compartment on each side. Those “stray” passengers occupied the lower seats – they sat right on the sleeping people. Where is the personal space? And in India they don’t know anything about it! ”

The author also referred to the minuses the lack of hot water, which is used in Russian trains for brewing tea or fast food. Instead, at each station, local merchants ran into the train and offered ready-made food. However, in such terrible conditions, the tourist did not want to eat at all. But with the toilets, despite their intimidating appearance, it turned out that “everything is not so bad”: Metal holes in the floor were periodically washed. I didn’t wash my face in this Indian train – I disdained it!”

“It was not an easy test, but we did it!” – the traveler proudly summed up.

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