Russian tourist was surprised when he found out why Uzbeks drink tea from two bowls

A Russian tourist was surprised when he found out why Uzbeks drink tea from two bowls

on his Zen channel, why Uzbeks prefer to drink tea from two bowls. The author shared his impressions and observations about this tradition, which surprised him. However, commentators considered his explanation controversial.

The tourist said that he began to appreciate tea drinking when he saw that in an eastern country this is a whole ritual. According to the author, Uzbeks attach special importance to tea drinking and turn it into a long process. Just drinking a cup of tea is not included in their concept of true tea drinking, the drink must be “savored”. Instead, Uzbeks enjoy every sip, socialize and enjoy a relaxing holiday. Therefore, not only two bowls, but also a whole teapot are always placed on the table, even if there is only one guest. This is a kind of hint – do not rush.

“While a person slowly drinks tea, the tea in his bowl has time to cool down. And in order not to finish drinking the cold leftovers, it must be poured just into the second bowl, and again pour hot drink from the kettle into the first one … Resting with cold tea is not a thing, ”the traveler took the ceremony and the presence of two bowls.

However, the commentators, who lived in Uzbekistan for many years, disagreed with him and stated under the post that they had never heard of such an interpretation and that a second bowl was needed for a guest who might unexpectedly turn up. In addition, most locals now don't have time to spend hours drinking tea without getting up.

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