Russian tourists and telecommuters flew to their favorite tropical island

  • Russian tourists and telecommuters flew to their favorite tropical island

  • Russian tourists and remote workers flew to their favorite tropical island

Since April 8, Russia has resumed direct flights to the tropical island of Sri Lanka, beloved by Russian tourists and remote workers. The national airline Aeroflot will fly to Colombo from Moscow three times a week.

According to the air carrier, flights will be operated from Moscow (Domodedovo International Airport) to Colombo (Bandaranaike International Airport). Flights are scheduled for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The route will use an Airbus A330-300 aircraft, the travel time will be 8 hours and 40 minutes.

A ticket price in April starts from 25,550 rubles one way, and in the second decade of May – from 21,400 rubles. Naturally, during the May holidays, tariffs will increase: a tourist will be able to fly in both directions for at least 51,000 rubles. Plus to the price – baggage allowance.

As for the “package” tourists, the tour operators positively assessed the restart of direct flights between the countries and said they see demand for tours in the next long weekend in early May. The cost of a weekly trip to Sri Lanka during this hot period starts from 132 thousand rubles for two.

The Sri Lankan authorities and businessmen are expecting a meeting with Russian tourists. The local economy is now in dire need of outside support, as Sri Lanka has defaulted on foreign obligations. The Ministry of Finance of the country announced the suspension of payments on all external debts. Against this background, officials have already taken care of the convenience of vacationers. So, the Russians were offered to exchange rubles for rupees right on the island.

To pay in cash, you can withdraw money from ATMs at the official rate, for example, at ATM Bank of Ceylon. In addition, Russians can exchange currency at the airport, bank or hotel. But in these cases, the course will be unprofitable for vacationers.

According to the Russians, “entrenched” on the tropical island, there is a way to get more money in the exchange: not at the official rate, but higher. When exchanging large sums, the benefit will be significant.

“There are exchangers in Hikkaduwa run by Russians, and everyone who knows exchanges money with them at the most favorable rate, and this is convenient: you come to the office, send transfer to a Russian card, and you immediately receive cash in local currency, ”experienced tourists revealed such a secret.

The resort town of Hikkaduwa, located halfway between Colombo and Galle, is widely regarded as the best place for the perfect beach holiday. Outdoor enthusiasts go in for snorkeling, diving, surfing and a number of other water sports here.

Recall that Aeroflot suspended flights to Sri Lanka in early March due to sanctions against Russia by Western countries. Then the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the island state said that the government would refrain from assessing the geopolitical events taking place in the world.

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