Russian tourists are drastically changing their holiday style: now other tourism is in trend

Russian tourists are drastically changing their holiday style: now other tourism is in trend

A drop in spending on hotels, a preference for “excursion” cities, primarily capitals, resorts, as well as an increase in spending on unusual or forgotten types of tourism – these trends are fixed by the analysis of the rest of domestic tourists for the May holidays, which was conducted by the “Check Index”. According to him, tourists within Russia spent 21% less on hotels and additional services than in 2021, and Moscow and St. Petersburg became the leaders in spending, and not the Krasnodar Territory at all. Experts also noted a sharp – from 63 to 271% – growth in sales for “informal” tourism, in particular, equipment for hiking – it is obvious that tourists are starting to save money by changing their holiday style.

As Chek Index experts told Izvestia, the average spending on one “hotel” purchase decreased and amounted to 3,976 rubles – 8% less than a year earlier. However, in St. Petersburg, the average check amounted to 10.3 thousand rubles, which is 13% lower than in 2021, and in the capital – 6 thousand rubles (minus 10%). As the tour operators added, the actual spending of tourists has fallen, even despite the pricing policy of hotels, so Moscow hotels for the May holidays in 2022 raised prices by 13–14% compared to the same period last year, and in Sochi the room rate increased by 7–8 %. However, tourists save money, take cheap room categories and do not take additional services.

“On average, a day in a three-star hotel in St. Petersburg for the May holidays cost tourists 3.3 thousand rubles, in Sochi – 3.5 thousand, Moscow – 3.6 thousand,” the general director of the Dolphin tour operator told the publication. Sergei Romashkin. He noted that despite all the events, the tourist flow did not fall and remained at the level of 2021 – those who refused to travel for reasons of economy were replaced by those who managed to buy tours for the holidays as part of the cashback program. “We really see the great popularity of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and the Caucasus Mineral Waters. At the same time, Sochi lost 5% in popularity, Anapa and Crimea – 25%. In the summer, the flow of tourists to Sochi and other resorts on the Black Sea coast will be restored: for the sake of the opportunity to swim in the sea, Russians will no longer spare several days on the train journey, ”added Sergey Romashkin.

Another trend is the preference for relaxing at home or outdoors. In the poll, before May, 41% of Russians planned to spend the holidays at their dacha or in the countryside. And the Check Index, in turn, noted that sales of tourist tents increased sharply before the May holidays – by 63%. Incidentally, the leaders in this “segment” were folding camping tables: in April, Russians spent 271% more than in the same period a year earlier. That is, it is obvious that the proportion of those who went “with kebabs for May” to nature turned out to be the most.

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