Russian tourists can now fly to Antalya from 9 regions

Russian tourists can now fly to Antalya from 9 regions

Flights to Antalya and other resorts in Turkey will be restarted from nine Russian regions. Basically, we are talking about Turkish transportation, and first of all, an increase in quotas for the Turkish carrier Turkish Airlines. This airline belongs to the undisputed superiority in the number of expansions, and the carrier intends to carry tourists not only to Antalya. Secondly, the programs of the airline Anex Tura – AZUR air have been renovated, at least a statement has been made about the availability of regional flights. Some other carriers also announced the start of the programs.

The details are as follows.

Turkish Airlines:

The Turkish national carrier, which received an increase in quotas, first of all expanded programs to Antalya. Previously, they had already started from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Further flights will be launched from seven more cities:

  1. Omsk,
  2. Kazan,
  3. Perm,
  4. Surgut,
  5. Chelyabinsk,
  6. Kaliningrad,
  7. Tyumen.

The carrier will also offer routes to other resorts – Bodrum and Dalaman. The carrier plans to fly there not only from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also from Kazan.

AZUR air:

The Anexa carrier also announced regional flights to Antalya. Routes are planned from Ufa and Yekaterinburg.

About other carriers:

From Moscow, the number of routes to Turkish resorts will be supplemented by a flight to Izmir. Pegasus Airlines plans to launch it in the summer.
Red Wings airline returns the opportunity to fly to Istanbul to the regions. On June 12, direct flights from Ufa will open.

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