Russian tourists continue to apply to the courts and demand money

Russian tourists continue to sue and demand money

The coronavirus pandemic has disappeared from the scene almost everywhere, but not in court hearings. Russian tourists continue to apply to the courts and demand money. This is how lawyers from the law firm of Alexander Baiborodin described the situation – trials for tours disrupted by covid continue. However, there are more “original” proposals among the most interesting meetings.

For example, the Tverskoy District Court considered a claim by a tourist against a tour operator who was a client of a law firm. Standard situation for a “pandemic” trial. “A tourist purchased a tour to the Czech Republic from a tour operator. Tour cancelled. Reason: the introduction of restrictions related to the adoption of measures to prevent the spread of a new coronovirus infection. The tourist agreed to wait for the refund until the deadline specified in Decree 1037. The funds were not returned on time, and as a result, a lawsuit was filed against the tour operator. Requirements: recover funds under the contract, compensation for moral damage, interest for the use of funds, a fine and court costs,” the experts explained. During the trial, lawyers took steps to resolve the dispute. The result of the work: a settlement agreement between the parties, with the obligation to return only the funds spent under the contract.

The Dorogomilovsky District Court also considered a covid claim, this time by a tourist against a travel agent, also regarding a “covid” tour to Europe. “A tourist purchased a product from a travel agent. In the future, due to the introduction of restrictions related to the adoption of measures to prevent the spread of coronovirus infection, the adjustment of the flight program, the travel agent canceled the tourist product booked in the interests of the tourist and his family members. The tourist received a refund within the period specified by Decree 1037 (until the end of 2022), but this did not suit him. A lawsuit was filed in court demanding to recover: a penalty, compensation for non-pecuniary damage, a fine, costs for legal services. Considering that Turkey was not extended by decree 1037,” experts of the law firm of Alexander Baiborodin painted. As a result, a travel agent came to them for help. “We have been working to collect the evidence base. Travel agent consultation. Preparation of a case to protect the interests of a travel agent in court. As a result: 6 hours of waiting for a court session, 6 minutes of a court session, refusal of the claim,” they said. An interesting detail: a series of calls with disinformation to the courts of our country, with reports of mining, made us wait a long time for the meeting.

But the Supreme Court of the Republic of Crimea is considering an interesting case – how “personal squabbles” can ruin the life of the tourist industry and tourists. “Divorce proceedings between owners of a common business. Former spouses shared several owned hotels among themselves. During the court process, some of the objects were recognized as residential premises that were not suitable for the sale of tourist products. As a result, all the premises were divided between the spouses. It didn't end there. Since some accommodation facilities were recognized only as residential premises, one of the owners filed a number of lawsuits against travel agencies that sold accommodation. In simple words: The ex-husband decided to file lawsuits against his wife and travel agencies, thereby trying to “annoy” corny, ”experts said. As a result, one of these travel agencies came to the lawyers for help. “We filed an objection that there was no relationship with the “former half of the Claimant”, and there was no recreation in the objects approved by the court as residential premises. We look forward to court hearings in this case,” they added.

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