Russian tourists continue to ski in Turkey

Russian tourists continue to slide in Turkey

Data on incoming tourists was published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey for April 2022 and for the first 4 months of 2022. The result turned out to be the following: Russian tourists continue to slide down from the leading positions that they always occupied in Turkey in the last 10-15 years and before the start of the special operation in Ukraine.

As reported by the Turkish tourism media, referring to the report of the department, the number of visitors to Turkey in April 2022 increased by 225% compared to the same month last year and amounted to 2 million 574 thousand travelers.

The following leading countries have been identified:

  1. In the ranking of countries that sent the largest number of tourists to Turkey in April 2022, Germany took first place. Its figures are impressive: compared to the same month last year, the growth of German tourist flow to Turkish resorts amounted to 630.34 percent (a total of 390 thousand tourists).
  2. Bulgaria is in second place. The number of holidaymakers increased by 442.04 percent, totaling 270,000 people.
  3. The UK came in third. Its “contribution” to the development of Turkish tourism – an increase of 1.446.83 percent – is an absolute record compared to last year, when the British were not allowed to go on vacation to their favorite resorts due to quarantine. A total of 225,000 British tourists visited Turkey in April.
  4. Iran is fourth.
  5. Russia is fifth. Thus, Russian tourists, who traditionally took first place in terms of the number of arrivals in Turkey, dropped sharply.

As for the longer “distance”, from January to April, 8 million 885 thousand travelers arrived in the republic and the rating did not change significantly. Russia is not in the top three. Over four months, the number of foreign visitors to the country increased by 172% and amounted to 7 million 477 thousand. Over the same period, 1 million 400 thousand Turkish citizens also visited abroad.

In January-April, most travelers to Germany sent Turkey, increasing its tourist flow by 339% (813 thousand tourists). It was followed by Bulgaria – the growth was 325% (679 thousand vacationers). Iran is in the third position, its record is 236% (654 thousand). On the fourth – Russia with a drop in tourist flow by 11% (490 thousand people). Closed the top five Great Britain, increasing the number of tourists by 1.235% (406 thousand people). If the events around Ukraine and Western sanctions drag on for a long time, Russia will probably “fall out” of the “five” leaders as well.

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