Russian tourists face a fine of 356,000 rubles at two popular resorts

Russian tourists face a fine of 356,000 rubles at two popular resorts

The Croatian cities of Split and Dubrovnik have imposed street bans no T-shirts or swimsuits, walking dogs without leashes, drunken antics and fights. Russian tourists who violate the new laws of popular resorts face fines of up to 365,000 rubles, the Daily Star reported.

The cities of Split and Dubrovnik annually attract thousands of people with their warm beaches and fabulous views, especially Game of Thrones fans who want to see the living architecture of King's Landing. However, now, going on vacation to Croatia, you need to familiarize yourself with the country's new laws regarding the dress code. It is no longer possible to undress in the heat at local resorts.

The Croatian city of Split followed Dubrovnik's lead and banned bikini or topless walkers in the old city center. The rule applies to both men and women, applies to tourists and local residents. The official document reads: “In zone A, i.e. cultural and historical center, it is forbidden to be in a bathing suit, underwear or without clothes in public places.”

The decree is intended to “put things in order in the city”, and especially in the cultural and historical center of Split. It entered into force at the beginning of 2023, with a fine of 150 euros set for violators, i.e. more than 13 thousand rubles.

The new law also restricts drinking in public places and walking dogs without a leash. Fines will be issued by guards patrolling the streets of the city. The fine for drinking alcohol in public places will be 150 euros, and for walking a dog without a leash – 66.36 euros, or almost 6,000 rubles. In addition, anyone caught in “fights, verbal abuse and drunken behavior” could be fined a whopping 4,000 euros, or more than 356,000 rubles.

Other cities in Croatia also have bans on walking shirtless or in bathing suits, wearing clothes that promote drug use, sleeping in public places, climbing on top of monuments, urinating in public places, drinking alcohol near protected public places such as schools. Most places have signs informing you of activities that are prohibited by local law. It is important to pay attention to them and check with the locals for details.

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