Russian tourists have a new favorite in Turkey

Russian tourists have a new favorite in Turkey

Russian tourists are not ready to give up Turkey, but are quite ready to “move” within its borders for more reasonable prices. By this, referring to the data of tour operators from ATOR, they explained in the Turkish media the fact that Russian tourists have a new favorite in Turkey. And these are Mugla and Izmir, which more or less kept prices. At the same time, the share of Antalya has greatly decreased.

Referring to this ATOR, the Turks stated unequivocally: Russian tourists began to give preference to the Aegean region of Turkey, and not Antalya. The share of the latter in the number of Russian tourists decreased in July. In the pre-Covid and record-breaking 2019, 863,000 Russians arrived in Turkey in July, this year a little less than 545,000. In the region, the picture is reversed – growth is observed even by the “old times”. This year, almost 117,000 Russian tourists arrived here – we are talking about the provinces of Mugla and Izmir. By last year, this is an increase of 47%, for 2019 it was not specified.

However, they gave such indicators – in the “pre-Covid” July, the vast majority went to Antalya – 88% of tourists. Less than 12% went to Izmir and Mugla. In July 2023, the vast majority also belonged to Antalya – 82.4%, but already 17.6% of tourists preferred the resorts of Mugla and Izmir.

Russian tour operators clearly named the reason. Pegasus, for example, stated: “The share of tours to Bodrum and Dalaman in sales has really increased. Both the more favorable pricing policy of the Aegean hoteliers and the lack of package tours in many European destinations played a role in this.” The price factor was also named in Intourist: “Due to the high prices of ultra all inclusive in Antalya hotels this year, Russian tourists began to give preference to hotels in the province of Mugla. In July, a week-long tour to Marmaris for two was sold for 79,000 rubles. The cheapest tour to a hotel of the same quality in Alanya for the same dates was about 100,000 rubles,” the representatives of the tour operator said. Fun&Sun and generally counted a “fourfold increase” in sales of tours to Dalaman.

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