Russian tourists have found another alternative to closed Europe, sparking an unexpected surge in tourism in a distant country.

Russian tourists have found another alternative to closed Europe, unexpectedly causing a surge in tourism in a distant country

Closed In Europe, Russian tourists have found another alternative. Approximately half of the tourists who visited Mongolia in 7 months of 2023 turned out to be Russians, local tour operators told TASS. At the same time, some of our tourists, especially from Siberia and the Far East, use the country as a transfer hub, but many decided to visit the country itself.

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Environment of Mongolia, at the end of July this year, the number foreign tourists arriving in Mongolia increased by 300-400 people per day and averaged from 3.4-3.7 thousand travelers. Of these, 42% are citizens of Russia. So the Russians also caused a surge in tourism in the country. Also, 18% is accounted for by South Korea and 17% by China.

The reason, among other things, is the emergence of new direct flights, including those from Russia. According to local tour operators, our tourists staying in Mongolia prefer active holidays with their families and small groups. “Russian tourists often book fishing or hunting tours with us. Also, many citizens of the Russian Federation choose Mongolia as a transit country for flights to the countries of Southeast Asia. Residents of the Russian Far East and Siberia love to fly from Ulaanbaatar to Turkey and Germany,” they explained.

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