Russian tourists in Egypt will be allowed to pay for tickets to the Pyramids in rubles

Russian tourists in Egypt will be allowed to pay with rubles for tickets to the Pyramids

Russian tourists will soon be able to pay with rubles in Egypt. True, while we are talking about the opportunity to buy only tickets to the pyramids of Giza. This was announced by the head of the parliamentary committee on tourism Nora Ali, the Egyptian media reported.

The issue of including the Russian ruble in the list of currencies used by Egypt has been discussed for a long time. Both parties understand that the decision will have a positive impact on the flow of tourists to the country due to the start of the high season and the resumption of flights. “This issue is already being worked out, and measures will be taken to implement it in the near future,” Ali said.

At the moment, the entrance to the territory of the Giza pyramids for Egyptians costs 60 Egyptian pounds (about 150 rubles), and for foreign tourists several times more – 240 pounds (about 590 rubles). The ticket can be paid in cash or by credit card. For the entrance to each pyramid, you must pay an additional amount. In addition, for a ticket that allows you to get to the legendary pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), tourists will have to pay another 600 Egyptian pounds (1,500 rubles).

As the publications specified with reference to the statement of the head of the Planning and Budget Committee of the Egyptian Parliament and former member of the board of directors of the Central Bank of Egypt, Fakhri al-Feki, the most demanded direction among Russians in the autumn-winter period will connect the Egyptian Meeza payment network with the Russian payment system Mir at the end of 2022. According to him, this move is part of a plan by the Central Bank and the government aimed at expanding commercial operations, reducing the deficit and increasing exports. He added that linking Meeza to a Russian payment system would help keep Moscow's wheat bill paid.

Help: Meeza is an Egyptian payment system through Egyptian banking company 123.

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