Russian tourists in Goa massively engaged in garbage collection

 Russian tourists in Goa are massively engaged in garbage collection

Russian tourists who came to Goa decided not only to relax and unwind, but also to go on a community work day organized on the famous Arambol beach. Why our compatriots clean the Indian coast, The Goan reported.

As it became known, the Russians united in the fight for the purity of nature using a mobile application. So, last Saturday, several dozen people arrived on the coast. Some of the volunteers turned out to be not only ordinary tourists, but also singers and musicians. At the same time, everyone collected garbage on the beach and the roadside.

It was clarified that mountains of garbage from glass bottles, plastic and other items quickly form on the coast due to parties organized by the water. Despite the fact that the Indian government allocates funds to the state to clean up Arambol and roads, the money is questionable, according to the publication.

Such caring travelers come to the aid of nature, who, armed with gloves and bags, tidy up the coast in order to relax in cleanliness, and not in the rubble of dirt and debris. Instead of paying, they are provided with a vegetarian lunch, fruits, vegetables and drinking water.

According to a Russian who comes to Goa every year, he constantly sees garbage scattered all over the beach. “Every person in the village must ensure that he throws waste into special bins, and not on the streets or beaches. There should be security cameras everywhere to keep an eye on people. Everyone comes to the beach for a walk, and if each person spends 10 minutes daily cleaning up the garbage, it won’t take much time to keep the beach clean,” he said.

Reference: Arambol Beach (North Goa) is known for its wide coastline, warm sea, gently sloping inlet and gentle sand. This is one of the longest beaches on the coast of Goa. This holiday destination is chosen by independent tourists, the so-called “savages”.

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