Russian tourists on the All inclusive system in Turkey caught up with tourists from another country

Russian tourists on the All inclusive system in Turkey were overtaken by tourists from another country

The media publish the results of a study by the British Post Office, which showed that about half of British tourists book all-inclusive packages.

Thus, according to this study, 48% of all tourists from the UK planning to go on holiday abroad prefer destinations and hotels that operate on an all-inclusive basis. First of all, Turkey. One of the reasons, as tourists said, is the expected high level of inflation – it has become convenient for tourists to pay once and not spend money on anything else.

Recall that this All inclusive feature in Turkey itself has repeatedly caused protests and proposals cancel this system. There is only one reason – a tourist who has bought such a tour is completely unwilling to leave the hotel and spend money somewhere else, which deprives the local tourism industry of additional money. However, as shown by a British study, this is not entirely true: most of the tourists still leave the hotel and spend money outside of it. Tourists buy mainly a variety of souvenirs and food.

The hotels themselves also give tourists the opportunity to spend extra money. Tourists pay extra for goods and services, from some food and drinks to souvenirs, excursions and spa treatments.

Recall that a recent survey named Turkey as the cheapest destination. True for the European competitors of the British – German tourists. Read the details at the link.

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