Russian tourists raped in Turkey by hotel staff: Turks were awarded a specific disease

Russian tourists raped in Turkey by hotel staff: Turks were awarded a specific disease

The telegram channel Mash spoke about a scandalous criminal case, apparently initiated in Russia, but about rape in Turkey: in the Republic of Turkey, two Russian tourists were raped, moreover, by employees of the hotel where they rested. One of the ladies voiced an original “sign” to law enforcement officers: the victims awarded the Turks with a specific disease, which will simplify the proof of the guilt of the criminals.

According to the source, “two Moscow waitress friends were accused of raping their freshly acquired gentlemen in Turkish Antalya” . Moreover, the girl’s application was already submitted in Moscow, “when they explained to their parents why they disappeared for two days and did not respond to messages.”

The telegram channel retells the plot in the following terms: “Natasha and Oksana (names have been changed) rushed to the sea to Antalya for vacation. In the last days of rest, there was a mood to test local clubs – they turned to Kamil, an employee of the hotel, for advice. He assured that, together with a friend, he would organize “all inclusive” and ensure safety. But after cocktails in the club, the friends fainted. Then vague memories: the hotel, the Turks, the violence.” According to the channel, the girls were persuaded to apply by their parents. “Then the flight home, interrogation and statement to the police. One of the victims says that she gave the Turk a specific disease as a keepsake. The second is that she doesn’t remember anything, but also suffered from hospitality, ”adds the telegram channel.

The source also notes that, according to the investigation, the Turks had previously drugged the tourists. A criminal case has been initiated.

Recall that the problem of rape of gullible tourists – and not only Russians – in Turkish resorts is really very acute. So, more than fifty cases that happened to their British “colleagues” led to the fact that the British Foreign and Commonwealth Department (FCDO) even published a special list of recommendations for tourists. First of all, tourists and especially tourists were reminded that any stranger or unfamiliar person could be an intruder. Most cases of rape in Turkey, the agency noted, occurred at night after meeting or talking with someone during the day – as in our case with tourists who confided in a casual acquaintance.

“You must be especially vigilant in such situations. Never accept offers from strangers, including letting you down. If you have any concerns, please seek advice from your tour operator or the Turkish authorities,” the FCDO warning for British women also said. Tourists (of both sexes) are also advised to be wary of strangers in clubs and bars so that nothing is added to their drink. “Buy your own drinks, don’t accept them from friends, and keep an eye on your glass to make sure nothing is slipped into them. Be careful of strangers who come up to you offering food and drinks (they may be laced with drugs) to exchange money or take you to a restaurant or nightclub, ”the department noted. Read the details in this material.

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