Russian tourists rented accommodation in Turkey and reported pitfalls when renting

Russian tourists rented accommodation in Turkey and reported pitfalls when renting

Several waves of Russian “relocators” and long-term tourists cheered up the market rent in Turkey so much that prices there have risen sharply in a very short period of time, and for more or less cheap apartments with good conditions, a large queue of people lined up. However, not every housing is suitable for our compatriots. What to pay attention to when renting, so as not to suffer later, domestic travelers told on their blog on Yandex.Zen.

According to them, tourists use two main ways to rent an apartment in Turkey:

  1. Through a real estate agency – a more expensive option
  2. On your own at sahibinden – a more budgetary option. Each listing is accompanied by a contact phone number for the owner or realtor. Communication is carried out both through the Internet platform and in third-party messengers.

Compatriots urged not to delay, but to go straight to WhatsApp – this way you can count on a faster response.
“Many people are confused by the language barrier, but most landlords are ready to communicate through an interpreter. The main thing is not to be afraid to take the first step and write,” the authors advised.

What to say and what to do?

  1. Warn that foreigners want to visit.
  2. Mark whether a residence permit is needed or not.
  3. Indicate the length of stay.< /li>
  4. Clarify the cost of rent, commission and deposit.
  5. Heating. “There are a lot of discussions about the need for gas heating and the sunny side. But I am of the opinion that heating will not be superfluous, and the sun, especially in winter, is only good. And if you choose an apartment on the Black Sea coast of Turkey and plan to stay in it for the winter, the sunny side and heating are simply necessary,” the traveler advised and urged while viewing the apartment to check whether the neighbors live above and below. To do this, it is not necessary to knock on the door and get acquainted, it is enough to see if the shoes are at the door. If so, then there is life in the apartment. Why is it important? “If no one lives in apartments, then get ready to pay 1-1.5 thousand lira (4-6 thousand) more for gas,” the publication specified.
  6. Check windows. To do this, you need to hold your hand and understand whether it is blowing from the window or from under the windowsill. “In the summer it seems unimportant and most do not even think that in the winter it can turn into a real nightmare, up to the search for a new apartment,” the tourist noted. Recall that there is no central heating in Turkey.
  7. See if gas, water, electricity subscriptions are open. Landmark in the documents – the phrase abonelik acik should be present. Otherwise, you will have to pay 2.5 thousand lira (about 10 thousand rubles) for their opening. And if the guest does not have a residence permit, then the landlord will not return this money, even if he assures otherwise, the author warned.
  8. Check the presence of a mosque near the house. Close proximity to it and loud sounds coming from there will constantly wake up tourists at dawn. True, they say that some get used to it.
  9. Deposit. The influx of Russians “spoiled” the Turks. “Unfortunately, recently many Turks have decided that it is not necessary for foreigners to return the deposit. Therefore, try to bargain and pay half, ”a compatriot gave another piece of advice.

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