Russian tourists rushed to the islands

Russian tourists flock to the islands

The Russian tourist flow to the luxury islands is recovering. In April, the Maldives recorded a decline by 4.33 times compared to January, and the Seychelles – by 5.63 times. However, during the May holidays, these directions began to grow and are currently in positive territory. Such statistics were presented by ATOR. The reason for the fall and the subsequent correction of the situation was, first of all, the resumption of air travel, and as a result, Oossian tourists again rushed to these paradise islands.

After the fall, demand was shallow and increased as the May holidays approached, experts say. If at the beginning of April 160-200 Russians a day arrived in the Maldives, and at the very end of April, to May – already 500-600 a day. Among the reasons, experts called the strengthening of the ruble – one way or another, but the prices for tours are falling – as well as the return of direct air travel. Recall that on May 13, Aeroflot launched direct flights to Male. “The resumption of Aeroflot's direct flights immediately increased the demand for the destination by more than 50%,” ATOR said at PAC Group. This is also confirmed by representatives of tour operators Space Travel and Russian Express. The jump also provided a cheap price tag – now the situation is more predictable and connecting flights are cheaper.

“Most tourists choose connecting flights. For many customers today, even in the luxury segment, the key issue is still the price. As an example: the cost of an air ticket to the Maldives on connecting flights (Qatar Airways, Emirates, etc.) in June is about 37,500 rubles. for 1 person with luggage, and for a direct Aeroflot flight on the same dates – about 77,000 rubles. and without luggage,” said Ambotis Holidays. PAC Group has weekly tour packages with Aeroflot flights to the Maldives starting from 194.5 thousand rubles. for two.

“Tour operators believe that due to the combination of three factors (the strengthening of the ruble, direct flights of Aeroflot and advantageous offers for connecting flights), the Russian tourist flow in the Maldivian direction in May will recover at least to the values ​​of March , and, most likely, will exceed them,” ATOR experts added.

Direct flights to the Seychelles have not yet appeared, however, the revival of the market in relation to April is also noticeable. The reasons are also in the strengthening of the ruble, and in addition, in the appearance of affordable options for flights by Arab airlines. Direct transportation would certainly help, but due to circumstances it is unlikely, experts add. Prices for tour packages from Ambotis Holidays to the Seychelles now start from 207 thousand rubles. for two (flight, 4* hotel, half board).

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