Russian tourists told how they lived with Ukrainians in New Zealand

Russian tourists told how they lived with Ukrainians in New Zealand

A couple of Russian tourists, who reached New Zealand on their round-the-world trip, lived with Ukrainians under the same roof in this distant country for a whole month and spoke about their impressions. “This event is especially valuable against the backdrop of all the events taking place between our countries,” the traveler noted in her blog “Yershova Marina” in Zen.

Acquaintance with Ukrainian culture turned out to be an exciting experience for Russian guests. The experience of cohabitation with Ukrainians turned out to be amazing for travelers, from cooking to general entertainment. In particular, they adopted the culinary traditions and secrets of the owners of the house. “Cooking in our common family always becomes an exciting event with the exchange of recipes that were previously unknown to us,” the blogger clarified and said that in the course of apolitical conversations about cooking the Ukrainian version of cabbage soup, the hostess added “wheat”. “The taste and texture seemed good to me. Now I will always cook cabbage soup in the Ukrainian style,” said the compatriot.

The time spent together with the Ukrainians in New Zealand also gave the Russian couple an opportunity to better understand the culture and traditions of Ukraine. The exchange of information about the cultures of the countries and about the holidays that both peoples celebrate on the same dates, but in different ways, has become a valuable experience for them, enriching mutual understanding and relations between tourists and their citizens of a neighboring country.

In addition to exchanging culinary and cultural traditions, they spent the weekend together, traveling to the most amazing places in New Zealand. As a result, a month of living with Ukrainians has become an unforgettable and valuable experience for Russian tourists, the author assured.

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