Russian tourists urged not to overshadow their vacation at a popular resort

Russian tourists were urged not to spoil their vacation at a popular resort

Not to spoil their vacation at a popular resort, and also not to violate the visa legislation of the country and, accordingly, not to risk deportation, urged Russian tourists to the authorities of Bali. This, according to ATOR, was announced to the tourist market and tourists by the Consul of Indonesia in Russia, Fattah Hardivinangun.

In his speech at the MITT 2023 exhibition, he mentioned another expulsion from the country. Not so long ago, a Russian artist was deported from Indonesia. According to the diplomat, the artist arrived to perform with his concert program, but he issued a tourist visa for entry, which does not involve commercial activities. As a result, he was expelled. And this is not an isolated case.

“Tourists should understand that for violations of the country's rules, including visa regulations, they will have to bear the punishment corresponding to this or that violation. We strongly recommend that tourists going on vacation to Indonesia not to forget the visa rules of the country and not to overshadow their vacation,” Fattah Hardiwinangun emphasized.

He also reminded Russian tourists and not only tourists of all visa rules. For the purpose of tourism and recreation, Russians are issued a tourist visa type B211A. You can get it in three ways – upon arrival, in advance at the Indonesian Embassy in Russia, or it can be an electronic visa. Our tourists, according to the consul, prefer a visa on arrival – the fate of which, due to the exits of the deported “relocators”, is still in question, which is discussed below.

This visa on arrival is issued for a period of 30 days, it can be extended for another 30 days. For a longer stay visa, you will need to apply for such a single entry visa at the embassy. At the same time, the diplomat stressed that, among other things, not “clean” tourists can enter with a tourist visa, but businessmen, athletes, etc. In particular, you can enter if the trip involves business trips related to the purchase of goods, business negotiations , conferences, exhibitions, as well as sports and cultural events. However, it is forbidden to conduct commercial activities with such a visa – that is, travel involving commercial and investment activities, as well as work in Indonesia, is prohibited.

“If a Russian enters on a tourist visa, and then begins to give paid concerts in the country, organizes motorbike rentals, rents out real estate, works as a guide, conducts excursions, etc., all this is illegal activity and its finale is deportation,” the consul explained. He also reassured tourists about the initiative of the Governor of Bali to stop issuing visas on arrival for tourists from Russia (read more here). According to the ambassador, such a radical revision of the entry rules is unlikely, but such a development of events cannot be ruled out. If this happens, the Russians will have to apply for a visa in Indonesia at the embassy or online.

Moreover, some Russian tourists give the impression that they intend to “get” the authorities and provoke them to take radical steps and cancel visas. The last “hero of the scandal”, however, did not try to earn money, but hype – he violated the rules of staying on the resort island of Bali in a harsh manner. The tourist defiled the sacred mountain Agung with his actions. Climbing to the very top, he pulled down his pants, captured this moment on video and published it on the network. The island authorities condemned this shocking behaviour. The violator faces deportation. Read the details in this material.

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