Russian tourists were called foreign resorts and cities where prices began to drop sharply

Foreign resorts and cities where prices began to drop sharply were named to Russian tourists

Resorts and cities where hotel prices began to drop sharply in May , experts of the OneTwoTrip service told Russian tourists. As the experts of the service told the correspondent of the TURPROM infogroup, the prices for hotels in the hundred most popular tourist destinations were analyzed. Among those that have fallen in price are Pattaya and Sharm el-Sheikh, which are popular with our tourists.

The hotels were divided into categories. So, the list of cities with the cheapest 3* hotels was topped by the “sanctions” Milan – there in May prices fell by 42.5% and amounted to about 7.3 thousand rubles. per night. In second place is Pattaya, which is popular with our tourists – hotels there have fallen in price by 21.4% more profitable, the price per room is about 1,100 rubles. The popular Sharm el-Sheikh is also in third place – prices for three-star hotels have decreased by 20% and average 1,200 rubles per day. The top five also includes Tbilisi, where the room rate has decreased by 16.7%, to 1,500 rubles, and Doha in Qatar -14.0%, 3,700 rubles. In the top ten – Madrid (-13.8%, 5,600 rubles), Kemer (-13.0%, 2,100 rubles), Varadero (-10.8%, 7,300 rubles), Guangzhou (-10.7% , 2,500 rubles) and Tel Aviv (-5.8%, 7,400 rubles).

In the four-star category, Milan also fell most seriously – 40.6% lower compared to April, or 8,200 rubles per day. Alma-Ata occupies the second line, depreciating by 26.7% to 3,300 rubles. In third place is Cairo, where a room can be booked at 20.6% more profitable, paying approximately 2,700 rubles per day. Only after him comes Sharm el-Sheikh, which showed minus 11.5%, the average cost of a room is 2,300 rubles and Phuket with -10.7%, 2,600 rubles. Also in the top ten are Guangzhou (-9.4%, 2,900 rubles), Shanghai (-7.5%, 3,700 rubles), Varadero (-6.6%, 7,200 rubles), Abu Dhabi (-4.6 %, 4,300 rubles) and Venice (-2.1%, 17,000 rubles).

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