Russian tourists were told about the attitude towards them in Turkey and whether it is safe to go there now

Russian tourists were told about the attitude towards them in Turkey and whether it is safe to go there now

“… the country adheres to a peaceful position, neutrality, where people can always come, wait out, hide, relax on this “peaceful island,” as I call it,” a Russian woman living in Turkey said on the Yandex.Zen channel and added that the fears of Russians planning holidays in Turkish resorts this season are in vain.

According to her, there are no open conflicts between tourists and emigrants from Russia and other countries in the country. The flow of forced emigrants to Antalya from Russia and Ukraine is approximately equal for the Turkish authorities, although no one can vouch for psychological stability in the current conditions: “Let's start with the fact that in Turkey we are all guests: both immigrants and tourists. So, coming here, we are obliged to comply with the laws that the country requires for execution by all persons without exception. And not because it is even necessary, but because, in general, conditions have been created in the country for years for safe recreation and living here for both tourists and local residents.

In addition, Turkey's position on any disagreements within the country is enshrined in the constitution of the republic. “Turkey is a tolerant and peaceful state in which all tough disagreements, fights and other manifestations of aggression on the basis of religion, race, politics will be strictly suppressed and stopped. People are deprived of their residence permits, expelled from the country marked “persona non grata!” – clarified the author.

What is happening on the streets?

There are pickets on the streets, but they are peaceful and exclude rude statements against Russia. If it’s a protest, it’s also peaceful: Ukrainians who moved to Turkey hang Ukrainian flags on the facades of their new houses.

What is the situation in hotels?

The Russian woman noted that tourists go on vacation and are not interested in spending the precious time allocated for vacation for now a lot of money in conflicts and showdowns. “None of the vacationers want to hear any negative … Therefore, those planning a vacation in Turkey this year should not have serious concerns: everyone will be fine and comfortable here, you will rest just like you rested before,” she reassured.

Summing up, the blogger gave another argument in favor of a comfortable stay in the republic: “The reaction of the Turkish authorities to any aggression is now fast: they will immediately ask you to leave not only from the event, but also, possibly, from the territory of the Republic of Turkey. Both the Ukrainian side and the Russians know about this.”

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