Russian tourists were told how not to bring larvae from tropical countries under the skin

Russian tourists were told how not to bring larvae from tropical countries under the skin

Traveling to tropical countries can be hazardous to health. One possible threat is infection with a common parasitic infection called furunculoid myiasis. About how not to bring larvae under the skin, told the publication AIF and parasitologist, doctor of medical sciences Alexander Bronstein.

How do tourists get infected?

According to the doctor, tourists who have returned from the tropics often turn to hospitals. The main complaints are the formation of boils on the skin. However, these are not just bumps, this is a parasitic disease, because. fly larvae develop inside these very bulges.

Where do Russians bring unpleasant surprises from? As a rule, from the countries of South and Central Africa, sometimes Asia. Tourists traveling to exotic destinations do not stay in hotels, but travel through tropical forests near water bodies. The source of infection of furunculoid myiasis are blood-sucking insects that transmit infections in places with a predominantly warm climate, near water, which are widespread in the tropics. The larvae of the fly Dermatobia hominis, attached to the wings, legs and abdomen of mosquitoes and other bloodsuckers, enter under the skin through the bite site. After some time, the formation of a boil begins.

“This process is accompanied by soreness and itching. The larva does not migrate to other parts of the body. Its size is 12-18 mm. When fully mature, the larva may appear on the surface of the boil, ”the publication clarified. Treatment of furunculoid myiasis (dermatobiosis) consists in the surgical removal of the larvae.

How not to bring bloodsucking larvae in yourself?

To do this, you need to take precautions. Prevention includes, first of all, avoiding the bites of blood-sucking insects, which, by the way, can completely bite through a T-shirt. It is necessary to wear closed clothes and use repellents for the body and clothes – they repel unpleasant insects. Also, preventive measures include the classic observance of hygiene rules. In addition, upon returning from the rainforest, you should carefully examine the skin for damage.

There is another way that ordinary tourists are unlikely to know about the existence of – wearing a special suit from midges. It reliably protects against bites and is ideal for traveling in the tropics. This is a professional uniform, so travelers who go on short excursions will probably not “bother” with it.

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