Russian tourists will have more fun in Turkish hotels

Russian tourists will be happier in Turkish hotels

Russian tourists, at least those who like to “hang out”, will be happier in Turkish hotels. The ban on loud music after 24:00, preserved from the time of the pandemic, will be lifted. At the moment, events are allowed in specially designated places until 01:00, but soon, as Turkish experts assure in the Turkish press, it will be extended further.

According to the president of the Association of Tour Operators of Alanya (ALTID) Burhan Sili on the pages of the tourism media, he personally discussed this issue with the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy. As a result, as the expert assured, soon the lifting of the ban on music will be extended until 3:00 – and tourists who love discos will have more fun. As the official added, the relevant circular has been adopted and will be published by the Governor of Antalya in the near future.

Recall that attempts to lift this ban are being made for the second year – in the 2021 season, immediately after covid, the ban on music remained after 24 hours caused outrage among Turkish hotels and tourists. Then the hoteliers said that this decision would negatively affect the demand from tourists and cause financial and image losses for tourist facilities. “The restriction of the entertainment industry reduces our plans by half. Most tourists come to have fun, and it's not just the sea, sand and sun. This is also all kinds of discos and other entertainment programs, ”they said. Read more at this link.

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