Russian travel agent stopped responding to some customers and revealed the reason

Russian travel agent stopped responding to some clients and revealed the reason

Travel agents are not happy to work with all clients, because after a long search for the right tour, not everyone is ready to pay for it. Tourists who “harass” travel agency employees with calls and messages, the author called a mixture of visionaries with exploiters, and stated that the conversation with them is short. The booking specialist shared her pain on the Yandex.Zen channel.

“A visionary is a client who will take you around the globe for a long time and enthusiastically. You will see tours to Turkey and Antarctica, safari to Africa and jeep safari in Egypt. And disperse. Most likely, the dreamer will not book anything, and you will not sell anything, but you spent the time in the most charming way,” the expert explained.

At the same time, “dreamers” are useless for a travel agent, because there will be no material benefit in the form of commissions from the sold tour from them. They are more for the soul: “they are beautiful because they are like a battery – they charge everyone with their enthusiasm and childlike faith in miracles.” As the author noted, they believe in absolutely mythical and non-existent price tags for vacations.

There is another category – exploiters: routes around the globe will be just as long and exhausting, while they will have a clear conviction that “where- then a mega-cheap tour is hiding, and in order to get it, you just need to “squeeze” the agent.”

“Exploiters will plow and sow a field on a person providing a service, but they won’t pay a single ruble for his work … Look at me – and then three countries and a dozen hotels follow each! There is no respect for other people's work,” the specialist complained and added that the distinguishing feature of this type of tourists is calls and messages after hours and on weekends.

What is the position of a specialist in this case? To be able to clearly draw a line and make it clear that such communication is impossible, the author said, “otherwise you risk being left with the feeling that you have been used.”

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