Russian woman after 16 years of living in Thailand began to learn Thai in 2022, revealing the reason

After 16 years of living in Thailand, a Russian woman began to study Thai in 2022, revealing the reason

Having lived in Thailand for 16 years and had no problems communicating in this exotic country, the Russian woman said that she had begun to learn Thai. The reason is the Chinese, who by 2022 ousted the Russians and flooded the kingdom. She told the details on her Yandex.Zen channel.

According to a compatriot, it was strange to learn the local language at a time when everyone spoke English. “Why learn not the most popular language in the world? For almost 10 years I have been working with Russian tourists, directors, colleagues and clients, becoming more and more convinced that the Thai language is not needed. Sometimes I even interfered when I realized that the Thais were grumbling angrily, unhappy or joking. It’s better not to understand this and think that they are such cuties. But nevertheless, even with no special effort, I was able to learn a decent amount of words, expressions and even rules. Which sometimes helped in places as remote from tourism as Kanchanaburi or Suratthani,” the Russian woman said.

However, since 2014, when the economic situation in the Russian Federation destabilized, there have been fewer and fewer Russians in Thailand: “The era of Chinese tourists began and the Chinese language helped me find a job at that time. Years passed, a pandemic, a special operation, there are no Russians or Chinese anymore, and I’m still in Thailand and I still don’t know Thai. guessed for all 16 years of living in the country of smiles. “After 16 years, I understood why they are so infantile, why they distort words and say not paracetamoL, but paracetamoN, how it is correct to say to men “cop-coon-cap” or “cop-coon-krap” and much more” , – she shared.

However, having objectively assessed her own capabilities, the Russian woman said that it was unrealistic for her to learn to speak, read and write Thai in a year. However, she hopes that tangible results will appear soon, since discipline is her engine to success.

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