Russian woman came to spend the winter in Hurghada and was surprised by the changed customs

A Russian woman came to spend the winter in Hurghada and was surprised by the changed customs

Egypt has changed significantly over the past 10 years and has become much more comfortable for tourists. This was stated in her blog Yandex.zen by a Russian traveler who came to spend the winter in Hurghada after a 10-year break. She was quite surprised at the changed customs, commenting on them, however, in a peculiar way. “If earlier in tourist places everyone was a scammer, now, probably, 1 out of 10,” she said according to her observations from Hurghada. And outside of tourist places, the situation is even better, the blogger added, saying that she spends the winter in Egypt and lives “not only in hotels, but also in apartments.”

“I first vacationed in Egypt 7 years ago. I remember how uncomfortable it was to go outside the hotel. It is worth being on the street – and they attack you from all sides. We walked together with a young man and could not even communicate with each other, as we were interrupted every minute by merchants, guides and taxi drivers who offered their services very intrusively, ”recalls the Russian woman. Almost everything has changed this year, she says:

  • Merchants. “I walked around the souvenir shops of Hurghada with and without a hotel bracelet. And I have never been offered goods too intrusively. Yes, the Egyptians are still trading. But they do it in a fun and unobtrusive way. And the refusal to purchase is perceived without resentment. In a word, they behave politely,” the blogger assured.
  • Barkers with camels and “guides”. “I remember how photographers with camels used to almost force tourists into the saddle in order to make money on it. Now they just smile and politely invite you to take a picture, ”said the Russian woman. In addition, “guides” “disappeared” from the streets – Egyptians who approached tourists on the street obsessively began to talk about Hurghada, and then demanded money for this “tour”.
  • “But the taxi drivers, who endlessly honk to tourists, have not gone away. As well as obsessive kids who surround foreigners near the markets, demanding to buy some kind of bracelet or a pack of handkerchiefs. But still, there are no beggars in the “sleek” areas of Hurghada,” the blogger said.

Moreover, as she adds, observing the Egyptians in everyday life, she became convinced that her opinion of the nation “was shaped by the deceivers who worked in the tourism industry 7 years ago.” In general, “in one week of life away from the hotel,” the blogger, according to her, “confronts really good people every day.” Cashiers and shop assistants are always friendly and ready to give advice even if they don't buy anything from them; if somewhere you have to wait, for example, 15 minutes when buying a SIM card due to a technical failure, the Egyptians always apologize; they are ready to explain everything to a foreigner – in English or even in Russian. In addition, taxi drivers — at least in Uber — are “always friendly and never try to cheat,” the blogger assured.

Although it was not without a “fly in the ointment”. “There are scammers here too: those who are trying to cash in on inexperienced foreigners. Yesterday I saw tourists arguing with a taxi driver because he demanded a surcharge from them. And the other day I was “divorced” in a restaurant and served a cheap dish under the guise of an expensive one,” the blogger said. So, in her words, “in the most touristic places of Hurghada, you still need to keep your ears on top.”

“But I repeat: the general atmosphere here is no longer repulsive, as it used to be. If earlier almost everyone was a scammer, now, probably, only 1 out of 10. And outside the hotel environment, I didn’t meet scammers at all, ”the blogger summed up.

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