Russian woman in Turkey felt the onset of “doomsday”

“Usually, prices in Turkey grow somehow gradually and imperceptibly, but yesterday was just a shock day, you can’t call it anything else …” – a Russian woman living in Antalya described her impressions of the recent price increase in her blog on Yandex.Zen. According to her, the impression was “almost like doomsday…”

“We went to our favorite cafe, and there was a new menu with prices 20% higher than the previous ones, went to the store for dumplings, and they were already 120 lira instead of 100, we stopped at a gas station, and gasoline has risen in price by more than 2 lira … And this is how it is everywhere, ”the blogger listed. Separately, it adds emotions to local residents, including Russians, that all this happened on the first day after the end of the Kurban Bayram holiday – and, accordingly, a long weekend. “People are going home in a slight shock,” the blogger added.

In the comments, they add details and give their assessments. “Well, the minimum wage has skyrocketed, but where to get the money for these salaries? It is no secret that in the cost of a product and service, a significant part is the remuneration of an employee. It is impossible to take and raise wages throughout the country without consequences,” writes one.

Another distinguished himself with a more global forecast: “Unfortunately, the problems in Turkey are just beginning. The foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank of Turkey are empty and even in the red. what you describe is happening in a fairly calm external financial environment. As soon as even the slightest international financial crisis begins, all these current prices and today's lira exchange rate will be remembered as a wonderful golden time.

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