Russian woman in Turkey sheltered 250 cats

Russian woman in Turkey sheltered 250 cats

A Russian woman married a Turk and began to take care of 250 cats at once. The woman sheltered them, because. sorry. This was reported by the Turkish edition of Milliyet.

Zeynep Kesker, a Turkish citizen of Russian origin, who lived in Russia under a different name and surname, takes care of animals in the small village of Kyzylagach, which is located 15 km east of Side and 80 km from Antalya. There are about 250 cats in her “street” shelter. The woman said that she loves cats, so she feeds them and, if necessary, takes them to veterinary hospitals for examination and sterilization.

Unexpectedly, she received support from a group of animal rights activists from Germany. They have been helping her with cat food for some time now. But the issue of sterilization remains unresolved, the publication reported. A woman transports animals to private clinics in Side. Previously, she applied to the animal shelter in Manavgat for support in the sterilization of homeless animals, but did not find the response she expected.

“I came from Russia. My husband is Turkish. Previously, my name was Galina M., and now Zeynep Kesker. I look after the cats here, there are about 200-250 of them. I not only feed, but also treat them. I receive financial support in this matter from a group in Freiburg from Germany. Although this support is sufficient for nutrition, it is not enough for the treatment of animals and their sterilization. It's hard for me from time to time. I treat cats and sterilize them in a veterinary clinic in Side. I am waiting for support in this matter from the shelter of the municipality of Manavgat. At least if they sterilize them, I can take care of the cats more comfortably,” she said.

Recall that in Turkey, cats are revered animals. Full and satisfied, they wander the local streets, sleep in cafes and restaurants. Nobody can offend them.

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