Russian woman listed working schemes for transferring money to Turkey from Russia

The Russian woman listed working schemes for transferring money to Turkey from Russia

After the Zolotaya Korona payment system stopped accepting Tinkoff Bank cards, which were used by the overwhelming number of tourists and migrants to withdraw money from Russia to Turkey, the issue of transfers again became acute. Two working schemes for transferring funds were cited in her blog on Yandex.Zen by a Russian woman living in the republic.

N.B. Earlier, another Russian traveler brought another way to quickly send money from Russia to Turkey (details here).

We are talking about transfers from MTS Bank and Ozon Bank. According to a compatriot, the Zolotaya Korona payment system also stopped servicing MTS bank cards, while “you can still send money directly from MTS Bank to the IBAN (International bank account number) of a Turkish bank.”

“Transfers from MTS Bank are accepted in 12 countries, including Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries,” the bank’s website said.

How to act? Open an MTS bank card. To do this, you do not need to return to Russia, you can open a virtual one in a few minutes with reference to a domestic phone number, passport data, TIN and SNILS on the company's website or application.

We will give a sequence of actions on how to transfer money in the MTS application Bank:

  1. Go to the “Payments” tab.
  2. In the “Transfers” section, click on “Abroad”.
  3. Select “Transfer by number phone, card or account”, “Turkey card/account”.
  4. Enter the IBAN of the account/last name, first name and phone number of the recipient and the transfer amount.

As the Russian woman assured, the receipt of money occurs within a day. For example, in January they came in a few minutes. Transfer limit – 200 thousand rubles. per month for this type of card. The commission from four thousand rubles was $3 (about 227 rubles at the current exchange rate). “As a result, the transfer rate for yesterday was 4.4 rubles. for 1 lira. It is logical to assume that if the commission of $3 is always calculated in the same amount, then when sending a larger amount, the rate will be better,” the author reasoned.

As for Ozon Bank, whose official name sounds like Ekom Bank LLC, issuing an account/card is also quite simple:

  1. Sign up on
  2. Create an account and enter passport data and a photo with a passport to get an “extended” version of the profile. It opens up the opportunity to make purchases up to 600 thousand per month and make transfers up to 200 thousand per month.
  3. In addition to the automatically assigned Ozon card, issue a free virtual Mir card. The details of this card will be required when transferring money through the Golden Crown.
  4. Transfer money to Ozone Bank via the Fast Payment System (FPS) from any other bank by phone/card number.
  5. Send rubles in the payment system application to Turkey to the IBAN of a Turkish bank, indicating the Ozone Mir card as the source.

Money is credited within an hour, the compatriot said and added that the lira-ruble exchange rate is set by the Golden Crown system.

“My banks do not charge a commission, at least amounts up to 5 thousand liras are transferred without commission even from the receiving bank. But with the amount of 10 thousand lira with a withdrawal to the card, at the very beginning of “our relations” with the Crown, I had a story that the Turkish bank took a large commission – since then I have not risked amounts above 5 thousand lira, – she shared.

The author concluded that of the two working methods, it is more profitable to use transfers through the Golden Crown.

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