Russian woman reported problems with tourism in Egypt

A Russian woman reported problems with tourism in Egypt

2022 left tourism with a very pessimistic “legacy” – this is how a Russian woman living in the country, who summed up the year, assessed the situation in her blog on Yandex.Zen, and reported, among other things, problems with tourism in Egypt. However, according to her, these are common problems for tourism around the world – but in the Land of the Pyramids, the general economic situation also adds difficulties.

“For obvious reasons, there are no Ukrainian tourists. Some people, of course, arrive from Russia and other CIS countries, but there are few flights, there are many problems with them, the prices are quite high (generally speaking, you can find last-minute cheap deals on some dates). Well, constant problems, state of emergency, force majeure,” she described the situation in tourism.

In general, the blogger noted, tourism is not fun anyway: “It seems that the former world with open borders, where you could freely buy a ticket/tour and fly wherever you want, or even live in several countries, no longer exists. More and more people prefer to stay at home and come to the conclusion that it is possible to live without traveling,” she said. But in Egypt, this pessimistic forecast is exacerbated by the local economic situation, as a result of which “the gap between the rich and the poor in Egypt has widened even more and has become downright frightening,” writes the blogger.

“Many ordinary Egyptians began to live noticeably worse. Someone is forced to take loans for the most necessary. The country is also mired in debt – they recently received another tranche from the IMF. Thank you, of course, but you still have to pay for this money, ”the expert explained. At the same time, Egypt continues to suffer from overpopulation – which is created by the poorest segments of the population, problems with the availability of education, and most importantly – with a sharp drop in the national currency.

“The Egyptian pound went into a steep peak at the end of the year. Prices have already been raised every couple of months, and recently everything has been rising in price literally by leaps and bounds,” the blogger notes.

At the same time, pessimism has not yet reached the tourist areas, the blogger assures, the government is hatching and is trying to realize many ambitious plans. “Roads, houses, residential complexes, cities, resorts are being built… This year, the Climate Conference was held in Sharm. Officials also applied to host the Olympic Games. Cairo is about to launch Africa's first self-driving metro line. The largest water park has recently opened in Hurghada. And together with the Russians, they began to build nuclear power plants, ”the expert listed. However, as she adds, “it’s good for the prestige of the country, and for ordinary people living on government food packages, it’s neither hot nor cold” …

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