Russian woman shared a terrible story of love and hypnosis in Egypt

A Russian woman shared a terrible story of love and hypnosis in Egypt

A Russian tourist went to Egypt alone and became a victim of a “worked-out scheme” of hypnosis, which is practiced by local men on foreign women in order to get sex and money . Now in Russia, the traveler is drawn back to the country of the pyramids, despite the fact that she has a husband and small children. Horrible love story published by

At the time of the adventure, the 30-year-old tourist had a husband and two small children. According to the heroine, before the ill-fated journey, she never had a lack of male attention, and an idyll reigned in the family. During a sightseeing trip in Egypt, the Egyptian captain of the boat drew attention to her. As the girl explained, he probably quickly realized that the girl was resting without company. “When there was a stop for swimming in corals, he also went swimming and began to show me beautiful corals in the water, then at the second stop he also took his hand to swim further away … already on the ship he began to ask questions in broken English “Is it one am I here?”, “What is my name?”.

This adventure was followed by her one: “… we were left alone. He began to shorten the distance, began to bury me in the sand, draw some hieroglyphs on my shoulders with his finger, constantly looked into my eyes, said compliments, asked: “Am I married?” … he said that his name was Ehab, he was 31 years old, that he is divorced, that he has a little daughter, but that he dreams of great love and happiness. Then he began kissing flattery … already on the ship I realized that I did not see other people and I was in a different reality.

As commentators noted, at the time of the second meeting, a love spell took place through drawing symbols on the body. After meeting with the Egyptian at the hotel, the tourist could not sleep all night: “I was shaking, there was a terrible tremor, goosebumps, overexcitation, my stomach ached, a terrible condition. I constantly thought only about him and wanted to meet again. The next day, he wrote himself, and I already begged him to meet.

In addition to compliments, during the meetings, the man asked the Russian woman about money, salary and real estate, and he himself complained about poverty and low wages, although, as the author found out after some time, he had a small business. Further, the traveler spoke about a series of terrible events that she decided on for an unknown reason: she agreed to intimacy with an Egyptian in a “creepy place where there is not even a bed.” In addition, they were not protected, because. the Egyptian tore them up on purpose. At the same time, the girl understood that sex was happening mechanically.

Then he took the Russian woman to the hotel and did not appear for a day. The girl began to look for information about her partner and found out that he was married by blood, that is. on his cousin – such a marriage is concluded in Egypt for life. In addition, they had a child. After that, several more meetings took place, where the girl bought things at exorbitant prices on the recommendation of her boyfriend. Meetings ended with sex. “In the car, right in front of a friend, he also forced me to perform oral sex. I didn’t even know what was happening,” she said.

Having flown to Russia, the girl “walked like a zombie, her husband met with a bouquet, the children rejoiced … she constantly prayed and roared, almost immediately she ran to take tests for all types of infections.” Then the hot macho wrote to the Russian woman, and a month later she again went to Egypt for seven days: “I left everyone and flew away.”

According to the traveler, before the second trip, the Egyptian urged her to rent an apartment and again at exorbitant prices to pay orfi – a marriage contract between two persons, which does not require official certification, gives the right to cohabitation of a man and a woman. As an acquaintance later explained to her, the Egyptian simply “bred” the girl for money.

As a result, the Egyptian rented an apartment on his own, which, according to the Russian woman, was terrible. He probably hoped to get something from her on the spot. “He appeared when he wanted to, said that he was constantly busy … and I, like a zombie, was waiting only for him, nothing pleased me: neither the sea, nor the sun, nor food,” the author recalled.

The husband probably suspected something was wrong with his frequent trips and came to the country of the pyramids to take his wife home. The tourist told him about her love affairs, scandals began in the family. At the same time, even the closest relatives learned about the events. According to the girl, she tried not to communicate with the Egyptian, but restored the data in social networks and started all over again. “A lot of time has passed, but I still can’t fully recover, I constantly feel dependent on him. We correspond, call up on video, he “spins me on phone sex, I’m like a drug addict … all this time he brainwashes me that he loves only me, that children are only for demographics, and that we will definitely get married .. He constantly manipulates me, uses the “Closer-Further” technique … I was all tormented by jealousy, realizing that I was far from alone with him, ”added the author and stated that“ time does not heal ”and would have flown away again a long time ago if it weren’t for sanctions and military special operation.

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