Russian woman spoke about her attempts to transfer money to Turkey using a popular system

A Russian woman spoke about her attempts to transfer money to Turkey using a popular system

A Russian tourist tested a popular method of transferring money from Russia to Turkey , and on the Yandex.Zen channel she stated that, contrary to the reviews of bloggers, the method is working even under sanctions, albeit with some difficulties. At a favorable rate, she managed to cash out 2,000 Turkish liras (almost 11,000 rubles). We are talking about the Golden Crown payment system.

According to the girl, the system is convenient for those who need cash abroad. Money can be transferred from the accounts of Russian banks, and they accept cards from the sensational companies Visa and Mastercard. The system has other advantages as well. For example, funds are received within one business day, more often instantly, and you can even make a transfer to yourself.

The tourist pointed to the cons. So, the money limit for sending is no more than 300 thousand rubles a month, and for receiving – only 1 million. In this case, the conversion is carried out at the rate of the company. It can be viewed on the website or in the application.

What else do you need to know?

the system will not take a commission from you … The payment system cooperates with the Turkish UPT Money. This means that translations of the Golden Crown can almost always be obtained from post offices,” the author wrote.

The girl sent 2,000 lira to her name in Turkey, i.е. about 11,000 rubles and received them immediately after the transfer and without commission. On the official website of the payment system, I specified the points of issue. There are three post offices in Side.

It was not without difficulties: “I come to the post office number 1. They tell me there is no money. They are sent to a neighboring city. I come to the post office number 2. They say that they can issue, but tomorrow. But they may not give out. I come to the post office number 2 the next day. They are sent to another office. I won't go into further adventures. As a result, I still received money at the post office number 3. It’s a pity that I didn’t go there right away! ”, The blogger said.

However, the method turned out to be working only for obtaining local currency. It will not be possible to cash out dollars and euros this way, she said.

“Previously, Golden Crown was good because it could be used to make currency transfers from Russia abroad in euros and dollars. Now this feature seems to be gone. At each post office, I checked if I could get dollars. I was told that this is only possible in one place in the neighboring town. My friends say that now it's like that everywhere: wherever you go, you will be sent to the office of another city for dollars. And from there they will be sent somewhere else. In fact, I don’t know a single person who would be able to get dollars or euros now. You will also have to run for a large transfer in lira,” the traveler shared her experience.

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