Russian woman told how much McDonald's has risen in price in Egypt

Russian woman told how much McDonald's has risen in price in Egypt

In Egypt, prices at McDonald's fast food restaurants (in Russia, after rebranding, it's Tasty – and that's the point) increased by a record 40-50%. Representatives of this public catering refer to the rise in the price of fuel and wheat, while their colleagues do not confirm this reason. The Russian woman shared the details on her Yandex.Zen channel. Recall that tourists often like to visit McDonald's, including Russian ones, especially since there is a restaurant of this network not only in Cairo, but also in Hurghada – there are as many as 3 establishments, as well as in Sharm el-Sheikh – they were also opened there in the number of 3 pieces, and even in the sightseeing Luxor – right next to the famous Luxor Temple.

The compatriot pointed out that the Egyptians are worried not only about the rise in the price of bread and the food basket, but also about the burgers of the American network that have grown in price. According to her, “Big Mac” has risen in price from 59 Egyptian pounds to 88, i.e. from 195 rubles. to 291 rubles, and “Big Tasty” – from 92 to 123, i.e. from 302 rubles. up to 407 rubles Other eatery owners and fast food vendors said “chicken prices are completely stable at this time, the reasons for the increase in McDonald's food are not clear.”

In this regard, “anti-McDonald’s” sentiments are growing in social networks, the author noted. The call is expressed in a boycott of the establishment so that “their hamburgers will rot.” Perhaps this will affect the price reduction, activists say.

Officials, like representatives of “Mack”, said that imports of goods increased by 90% per month due to events in Ukraine. And this could not but affect the rise in prices for basic goods. “The Arab Republic imports approximately 120 million barrels of oil and 12 million tons of wheat, both of which have risen in price,” the Russian woman noted.

American fast food). In big cities, the tables of such establishments are usually occupied by people with burgers and fries. Although “Mak” is very far from traditional Egyptian cuisine, the Egyptians somehow liked it,” the blogger concluded.

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