Russian woman told how to get a job in Dubai and get 200 thousand rubles

Russian woman told how to get a job in Dubai and get 200 thousand rubles

To earn in Dubai from 200 thousand rubles, you need to speak English, be a highly qualified specialist in your field and have a pleasant appearance – such requirements are put forward by employers to candidates, the Russian traveler said on the Yandex.Zen channel and told which professions are highly paid in the UAE.

The traveler made an acquaintance who told her that she had passed a tough selection in one of the leading real estate companies. “She speaks Chinese and English and her clients are mostly Chinese. But before getting a job and getting 200,000 rubles, she went through a very tough selection,” the tourist explained.

According to the blogger, these are the criteria that are important for an employer in the UAE:

  1. “Appearance: … this requirement is important for the employer. They really look at the face. Pretty people are easier to get into any position. Especially if you work in the service sector with elite clients.
  2. Fluent in English.
  3. “Age is also important: it is young people who have more opportunities, starting from 18 to 30-32 years old. If you have more, then most likely the requirements for your experience will be more serious.
  4. Higher education: “for serious companies (and in Dubai they are all too serious and reliable) … You can’t provide a diploma bought in transit, because its authenticity will be checked for sure within 3 weeks! It is mandatory to pass a probationary period, where the employer does not regret the test subjects. In general, if not you, then they will definitely find another, younger and smarter.”

Doctors, teachers, builders and IT specialists are considered the highest paid professions in Dubai. “If you are an IT professional or a programmer, in Dubai you will literally get rich… In general, IT specialists do not complain about life. Salaries from $6'000 and above,” explained the author.

Professions that an average Russian who wants to move to the Emirates can apply for are “bartender, waiter; animators (to amuse the elite in hotels); trainer in fitness or gyms; managers.” For those who have not learned to do anything and “do not look good”, do not speak English, it is also possible to find a job, for example, for street work. “More than trimming the city bushes, they won’t trust you with anything, but they will pay 50,000 rubles. Most likely, you will live at your own expense, renting a bed in an apartment, and there will be many neighbors – from 10 people and more,” the traveler specified.

Russians should not worry about unscheduled dismissal, since this is usually not practiced in the UAE. The reason is that dismissal before the end of the contract obliges the company to reimburse the employee for a penalty. And they don’t like to overpay.

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