Russians added new European cities for flights via Tbilisi

New European cities have been added to Russians for flights via Tbilisi

The resumed air communication between Russia and Georgia has provided Russian tourists with new opportunities. We are talking about expanding the list of European cities where our fellow citizens can get on flights via Tbilisi.

As RIA Novosti was informed with reference to the Georgian air carrier Georgian Airways, a significant expansion of the list of transit flights abroad from Moscow through Tbilisi has been announced. This is great news for Russian travelers who will now have access to new flights to various European cities. The new routes will be a breakthrough in the absence of direct flights between our country and the European region.

According to data published on the Georgian Airways website, travelers flying from Moscow in transit through the Georgian capital will soon have access to the following destinations, and not only European ones:

  1. Austria (Graz)
  2. Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main)
  3. Israel (Tel Aviv)
  4. Italy (Naples)
  5. Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  6. Saudi Arabia (Juf, Dammam)
  7. France (Nancy)

Theoretically, everything is going well, but there is a nuance: the sale of tickets for some of these destinations has not yet begun.

Recall that in May of this year, the founder of Georgian Airways, Tamaz Gaiashvili, officially announced the launch of transit flights to Europe for Russian tourists. According to his statement, starting June 15, our compatriots will have the opportunity to travel to five attractive European cities with the only transfer in Tbilisi. We are talking about the following routes: Moscow – Tbilisi – Milan (Italy), Moscow – Tbilisi – Paris (France), Moscow – Tbilisi – Vienna (Austria), Moscow – Tbilisi – Larnaca (Cyprus) and Moscow – Tbilisi – Thessaloniki (Greece) .

This expansion of flights for Russians via Tbilisi is another step towards a return to travel without barriers. Georgia, with its strategic position, will become a serious competitor for Turkey (Istanbul and Antalya) as the transfer point of choice. Russians wishing to visit various countries of the world will actively use Georgian airports to reduce the time and distance of their travels. This should raise demand for flights via Tbilisi, provided that the cost of flights is adequate.

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