Russians are among the top 10 countries most often denied applications for a Schengen visa

Russians are among the top 10 countries most often denied Schengen visa applications

Russian tourists are among the top ten countries with the highest Schengen visa refusal rates, according to 2022 data. Nevertheless, our fellow citizens did not become the leaders of the anti-rating, Russia is located in the middle. The first line was taken by the Algerians. Schengenvisainfo reported the details.

Here are the top 10 countries whose applicants were most likely to be denied travel documents to Europe last year:

  1. Algeria — 179,409 visa refusals (45.8%).
  2. India – 121.188 failures (18%).
  3. Turkey – 120.876 failures (15.2%).
  4. Morocco – 119.346 failures (15.5%).
  5. Russia – 68,753 visa refusals. The overall rate of non-issued visas was 28.2%.
  6. Tunisia — 48,909 denials (29.1%).
  7. United Arab Emirates — 42,105 denials.
  8. Nigeria — 39,189 denials.
  9. Iran – 33,679 visa refusals.
  10. Egypt – 31,271 visa denials.

“However, visa denial rates varied by country: Nigeria ranks second among all ten countries with the highest number of visa denials, behind only Algeria. This means that 45.1% of all Schengen visa applications submitted by Nigerian applicants were rejected compared to 23.7% of applications in Iran and 18.6% of requests submitted by Egyptians,” the portal explained the specifics of the calculations.

The experts noted that last year there was an overall increase in visa denials, with the decision not to grant the Schengen to a greater extent affecting Algerians. In comparison, the travel document non-issuance rate for applicants from Algeria was 32% in 2021 and jumped to 45.8% in 2022. At the same time, Turkish citizens saw a decline in visa denials, albeit a modest one from 16.9% to 15.5%.

In terms of spending, countries with the highest visa denials spent a total of 64 million euros processing 804,725 rejected visa applications. This is a significant increase from spending in 2021, when 237,041 applications were rejected for a total of €18.9 million. In 2021, Turkey “spent” the most on rejected Schengen visas, in 2022 Algeria became the leader with even more spending.

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