Russians cannot rest here: a travel agent named a hotel in Hurghada, where it is better not to rest, in her opinion, for Russian tourists

Russians are not allowed to rest here: a travel agent named a hotel in Hurghada, where it is better not to rest in her opinion for Russian tourists

A Russian travel agent went to popular Egypt and identified at least 4-5 options in Hurghada, in which Russians should not rest, so as not to “run into and not be disappointed in the rest.” She told more about one of them in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

“Dirty-dirty King Tut Aqua Park Beach Resort 4 *. I don’t even want to write to you where it is located and some of its pluses. There is one main minus – dirt! Dirt is everywhere. And I'm not exaggerating. The lobby is dirty-dirty. Further, you go out and find yourself in an open-air bar, this is part of the restaurant.
From a distance everything is fine, blue sky and blue armchairs. But you come closer! Each (!!!!) armchair is crap on (sorry for that word!) birds. And no one cares. If you want – sit down, take a drink. If you want, go ahead. The hotel cleaners don't want to do the cleaning. Maybe they are paid a penny… maybe the administration doesn’t mind that the chairs were like that… Maybe they will clean/wash them later… I don’t know,” the expert said, adding that she personally saw this hotel in a state of disrepair.

“Next, the rooms are old and dirty. Surely something in your room will be broken. The door to the balcony or the door to the bathroom. Gray linens/torn towels/old and tattered furniture/dirty plumbing, dangling faucets,” the author warned, noting that this information is “quite enough to tell yourself that you can’t live like this!”

In the comments to the post, the tourists thanked the travel agent for the warning and said that they would not want to rest in this “viper” place.

Help: The 4-star King Tut Aqua Park Beach Resort is located in Hurghada and shares a common territory and infrastructure with the Sphinx hotel: lobby, restaurants, bars. On the Internet, tourists praised the close proximity of popular attractions such as the Coptic Cathedral of Saint Shenouda and Mosque El Mina Masjid and other most famous places in the resort. There are two small beaches at the disposal of vacationers, the first of which has a gentle approach from the shore, families with children love it, and the second one goes down the stairs immediately to the depth and there is an area with live corals. Of the minuses, travelers noted the dirt, the meager selection of dishes and the tiny territory of both hotels. In their opinion, it is more suitable for those who like to go out for a walk in the city or who do not want to walk around the hotel territory a lot.

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