Russians flee Turkey: blogger named 4 pluses of life in Russia

Russians are fleeing Turkey: a blogger named 4 pluses of living in the Russian Federation

In 2023, Russia began to accept long-term tourists returning from Turkey, who massively rushed home . The main motivation for the decision was the tightening of the rules for granting tourist visas and temporary residence permits in the republic. Compatriots who returned to the Russian Federation, in contrast to living in Turkey, saw 4 pluses of living at home.

Judging by the story of one Russian woman living in Turkey, refusals to issue primary and extend secondary tourist visas have become a mass phenomenon, forcing many Russians to leave Turkey and return to where they left. In her message on the Mom on the Sea Zen channel, the blogger referred to a lawyer’s comment: “My lawyer friend in Antalya said that now almost no one is given a tourist residence permit for renting an apartment. There are exceptions, but very few. In fact, the only option left to settle in Turkey is to buy an apartment here.”

However, as it turned out, this decision not only did not upset many ex-migrants, but also provided them with several advantages. Now, according to many, life in Russia has become even more attractive. And over time, these pluses become more vivid and noticeable: sometimes, in order to understand how good it was in the Russian Federation, you need to move somewhere far away, for example, to Turkey.

Let's give four pluses of living in Russia after living in republic, according to compatriots:

  1. Cheap and understandable taxi. The first plus is that moving within the city is more accessible and convenient, and in some cases you can even do without your own car. “With such a taxi, you don’t need a car at all,” they are of the opinion.
  2. Many restaurants with affordable price tags. The second plus is that many restaurants in Russia offer dishes at affordable prices. This makes going out to restaurants almost a common and definitely enjoyable experience compared to Turkey.
  3. Wider range of clothing. The third plus is a wide choice of clothes in Russia. This point may be surprising, but many who came home noted that Russia has a larger assortment of clothes, perhaps due to the variety of seasons and the presence of retailers with Turkish clothes.
  4. There is something to keep the child busy
  5. strong>. The fourth plus is the presence of many free and conditionally free sections of additional education for children: sports sections, music schools and other educational institutions. “Before, it was not appreciated, but now they understand how unique it is,” the author noted.

In addition to these four points, you can also add other advantages of living in Russia, such as affordable mobile communications, fast internet and a wide range of quality services. Many of these things may seem mundane until you move to another country and compare them to what it was before.

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