Russians rushed to buy tours to Thailand: half of them are already sold out for the summer

Russians rushed to buy tours to Thailand: half of them are already sold out for the summer

The price factor played in favor of Thailand – Russian tourists rushed to buy tours in this direction: to summer half already sold out. Such statistics were named for ATOR by the experts of the tour operator FUN&SUN, talking about a successful summer and announcing winter sales.

“Thailand is very busy booking this summer. High demand for July-August. The depth of active bookings is 25 days. Departures in August are already 40-50% loaded,” the representatives of the tour operator said. Demand was helped by the “price factor”, as summer prices are 30-40% lower than winter season prices.

However, as FUN&SUN added, based on the current high demand, the tour operator opened sales of tours Thailand for the winter. Programs are supposed to be chartered by Red Wings, and the tour operator has fully purchased seats on Red Wings flights to Thailand from seven cities in Russia.

The details are as follows:

  • A charter program has been announced from Moscow to Phuket and Pattaya. The summer chain is being extended to Phuket, the program dates are from 11/01/2023 to 05/18/2024, flights 2 times a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The program was announced to Pattaya from Moscow from 11/02/2023 to 05/16/2024, flights 2 times a week on Thursdays and Sundays.
  • Charters from six cities to Phuket are also planned. From Yekaterinburg, the program was announced from 11/09/2023 to 05/16/2024, with a frequency of 1 time in 10/11 nights.
  • The start of the program from St. Petersburg was announced on 11/05/2023 and will last until 05/12/2024 g., frequency – 1 time in 9/10 nights
  • From Ufa from 11/02/23 to 05/19/2024, also with a frequency of 1 time in 9/10 nights. Flights to Phuket from Kazan are planned with the same frequency – from 11/08/23 to 05/04/2024
  • The Siberian program, as expected, will be more extensive – flights from Novosibirsk and Irkutsk are announced 2 once a week, the program from Novosibirsk is scheduled from 11/03/2023 to 05/10/2024, and from Irkutsk – from 11/06/2023 to 05/10/2024
  • As for winter prices, then from Moscow a tour from the beginning of November will cost from 218 thousand rubles for two for 12 nights in 3 * if we are talking about tours to Phuket, and from 204 thousand – to Pattaya 4 *. From St. Petersburg, prices are about the same – from 226 thousand rubles. for 10 nights.

“Siberian” prices are cheaper – the “package” to Phuket from Irkutsk does not reach 150 thousand for two for 3 *, and from Novosibirsk it will cost from 161 thousand. rub.

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