Russians warned of new difficulties in obtaining a visa to their most popular country in Europe

Russians warned about new difficulties in obtaining a visa to the most popular country in Europe

tourists have a European country – Italy. We are talking about a significant increase in the processing time of requests, so now you need to apply for a visa earlier than usual. This was stated on the official website of the VMS visa center.

“Due to organizational and technical circumstances, the processing of visa requests may take longer than usual. We ask you to submit the appropriate set of documents with a significant margin of time relative to the expected date of the trip – at least 15 working days before it starts, ”the message said. It was clarified that the terms for consideration of visa requests can be up to 30 calendar days after the application is submitted.

At the same time, during the period of restrictive measures for Russians entering Europe, another trend has emerged: one of the countries most frequently issuing Schengen visas to Russian tourists in the last year was not Italy, but Spain. Madrid has issued more than 154,000 visas out of approximately 603,000 Schengen visas. In addition to Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Finland are among the Schengen countries that show high loyalty to Russian tourists.

Help: Italy is one of the most popular countries among Russian travelers. The latter are attracted to this country by its rich history, cultural heritage, famous sights, beautiful nature and delicious food. Italy offers a variety of tourist opportunities, from exploring historic cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice, to enjoying the beauties of the Italian coast, islands and mountain landscapes.

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