Russians who settled in Egypt began to leave it: 4 reasons were named

Russians who settled in Egypt began to leave it: 4 reasons were named

Egypt, previously a popular destination for Russian tourists moving abroad to the sea for permanent residence, has now witnessed a massive outflow of “ours.” A Russian woman living in Egypt shared stories and four reasons why many of her friends decided to leave this hot African country. As it turned out, it’s not a matter of climate at all.

According to the Russian woman, she herself came to Egypt in the early 2000s and then already found a large Russian-speaking diaspora there. True, it was predominantly made up of Egyptian wives, a Russian woman told the story in her Zen channel Magic Egypt. “But there were singles and Slavic couples who moved to Egypt for a variety of reasons… At first they lived like in paradise, and then the fairy tale ended,” she added.

“In recent years, five good friends and couples have left—I count couples as one unit, since the decision to leave was a joint one. The reasons for leaving are very different, but there are only two main ones – love and money,” the blogger clarified.

In general, the compatriot identified four reasons for the mass exodus of Russians from Egypt:

  1. < strong>Financial difficultiesThe rise of the dollar and inflation in Egypt have led to a deterioration in the financial situation of foreign residents, who have found it more difficult to maintain their standard of living. “If earlier it was possible to rent out a one-room apartment in Moscow and with this money live in Egypt like a king, or at least like a prince, now the situation has changed. The growth of the dollar, inflation… Most Egyptian salaries are not too high, many live on income from their homeland – either passive income or remote work,” explained a compatriot.
  2. Disappointment in personal relationships
  3. strong>. Many Russians moved to Egypt because of love for their chosen one – a native of the country of the pyramids, but differences in culture and mentality became decisive in conflicts and led to divorces.

  4. Rejection of the country. Some immigrants could not come to terms with the lack of punctuality of locals, bureaucracy and other aspects of life in Egypt.
  5. Tired of Egypt. A long stay in another country can cause fatigue and resentment for various reasons, which can lead to the decision to leave.

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