Russians with foreign citizenship, but with an entry in the passport – “place of birth – Russia”, stopped serving banks in a popular country

Russians with foreign citizenship, but with an entry in the passport «mdash; place of birth «mdash; Russia», stopped serving banks in a popular country

Banks in the popular Czech Republic have disabled an important option for absolutely all Russians living in the country, regardless of whether they have a second citizenship. Discrimination touched upon the possibility of depositing cash into ATMs. This was done under the pretext of fighting international terrorism.

The oppression of compatriots with foreign citizenship, but with an entry in the passport “place of birth – Russia”, is stated in the blog of a Russian woman on Yandex.Zen, who has been living in this European country for almost 20 years. The author said that she had issued a new card at the bank and wanted to activate it through an ATM by depositing Czech crowns. However, the device did not allow this.

A similar situation happened with her Russian friend. “Only she, unlike me, went inside the bank and asked why the card was not working. She was told that despite the fact that she had Czech citizenship (like me), her place of birth was Russia. Therefore, it does not work, ”the blogger explained. After that, both filed complaints with the bank and with the supervisory authority, did it independently of each other, and received one answer: the measure was introduced “as part of the fight against international terrorism.” Currently, cash deposits for Russians are available only at the cash desks of Czech banks.

At the same time, Russians with residence permits have their accounts blocked if they are in the process of extending their visa, she added. “That is, the application for a visa has been submitted, and the visa itself is still in the process of being issued. But if you bring a temporary visa, the account will be activated again,” the compatriot warned. – This is such a democratic democracy in the Czech Republic. For some it is, and for some it is not. Actually, like everywhere else in Europe.”

Reference: After the start of the special operation in February 2022, the Czech Republic became the first EU member state to suspend the issuance of visas for tourists from Russia. The authorities also revoked the permission for the activities of the Russian Consulates General in Karlovy Vary and Brno and closed their consulates in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

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