Russophobia in Egypt: Russian tourists faced bad attitude

Russophobia in Egypt: Russian tourists faced bad treatment

Russian tourists, stuck in the Sharm el-Sheikh resort after canceling their flight, complained about Russophobic sentiments. As stated in the video from the victims, which leads the Mash Telegram channel, the tourists were supposed to return to Russia on Wednesday, but the flight of the Red Wings airline was canceled for technical reasons. And that's where it all started…

“The Boeing broke down – and after we were kept until 19:00 without food and water at the airport, we were taken to the nearest hotel. They promised that they would go home tomorrow. But in the morning no one came for people. We tried to find out what was the reason, no one could identify the problem. They say that they answered everyone like this: these are your troubles and it doesn’t matter that you have to go to work, ”the injured tourists said.

N.B. Russian tourists also faced Russophobia in Norway. Read the details in the article “A Russian woman was rudely insulted and attacked in a popular country.”

At the same time, according to their words: “In the hotel where we were settled, thefts occur, Russophobic moods, there is no water, as well as human relations,” the tourists say. They also said that RedWings and the Biblio-Globus tour operator did not provide any documents about the cancellation of the flight, so tourists who “burned out” tickets for transfer flights “are not just in limbo, but in a hopeless state.”

Recall that earlier “Russophobic” sentiments were also announced from Thailand: according to a Russian blogger, after February, the Thais “learned geography, finally learning where Belarus, Ukraine and Russia are located, and that we are all different.” “In general terms, Thais do not like Russians very much. This was shared with me by a Thai with whom we lived in Bangkok. The Thais think we are aggressive drunkards. We love to sort out family relationships in front of everyone, we often make scandals in hotels, in restaurants, we are not shy about bargaining so that the Thais just get sick of us. But Ukrainians are loved, and even more so now, ”the blogger assured. Read more at this link.

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