Sandwich geography: 9 sandwiches from around the world

Gastronomic holidays are loved in North America, and November 3 is National Sandwich Day in the USA

According to one version, the traditional the sandwich got its name from John Montagu, the English Earl of Sandwich (a city and community in the southeast of England in the county of Kent). Allegedly, Montagu came up with such a snack so as not to be distracted from his favorite long card games. Today, the sandwich is popular all over the world, and almost every country has its own version of this snack. “Around the World” tellsabout the most remarkable of them.


Vada Pav

Geography of a sandwich: 9 sandwiches from around the world

The popular vegetarian sandwich consists of two potato patties (vada), unsweetened bread (pav) and traditional chutney sauce. The dish is prepared both in major fast food chains and on the street.

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