Scandal breaks out at popular resort in Thailand after fishing tours with naked women start

A scandal erupted in a popular resort in Thailand after the start of fishing tours with naked women

Two Thai women and a travel agency that sells fishing trips have become the subject of a scandal and police investigation after the former posed naked on a boat and posted their photos on social networks, and the latter used their images for profit. Although the girls stated that they did not advertise any travel agency, but promoted themselves, there was a buzz around the travel agency and fishing tours.

According to The Thaiger, the girls went on an independent fishing tour in the Bang Saray area, located near the popular Pattaya , in Chonburi province and held a nude photo shoot there. They then posted their images on social media. Soon the pictures reached the police. The girls were tracked down and detained on charges of debauchery and providing sex services.

As it turned out, the residents of Thailand in such an unconventional way wanted to attract subscribers on social networks, and did not offer sex services or lure them on fishing tours. According to them, the tourists were filmed on their mobile phones by their boyfriends. For a “naked” photo shoot, they rented a boat and took pictures already at sea. In their defense, the girls also said that the photos looked like they were advertising tours, they were not actually paid by any travel or fishing agency, and that they did not even know the owner of the boat.

Despite this, the two women were charged under section 14(4) of the Computer Law: importing pornographic materials and information on the Internet, and that pornography may be available to the general public. Now they face a penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine of about 162,000 rubles. (100 thousand baht) or both.

The police officer said he would investigate whether the women had taken part in any such activities in the past before making a decision. If found guilty, they face more severe punishment. There have been no reports as to whether their boyfriends will be prosecuted.

Note that the viral photos helped at least one local travel agency. Fishing enthusiasts were hooked when a travel agency in the resort province of Chonburi decided to use the photos of the detained girls to successfully sell their fishing trips. “Catching squid + sucking milk + enjoying shells for four hours. Only 3,000 baht (4,900 rubles) per person. Sashimi and drinks are included in the price,” the agency circulated such a post on social networks, under the text there was a photo of two fishermen and two naked women.

The advertisement worked, travelers quickly sorted out tours. Although there were those who were indignant at what was happening. Angry locals were unhappy that the agency shamelessly advertised fishing trips with naked women.

Chaiwat Inanong, the former mayor of Bang Saray in Chonburi, even intervened. He complained to the social media administration about advertising a post about fishing naked and said that he would file a lawsuit with the police: “Go fishing, but you will not get any fish or squid. Why is your business so creative? I don't know who you are, but stop doing this business in my hometown. Please send me a message if you have additional evidence or know these people. I will file a complaint as soon as possible. Every local resident makes a living according to the rules and laws of Bang Saray Beach.”

Many Thai netizens have commented on the message that a naked fishing trip is unacceptable and damages the good reputation of Bang Saray Beach and Chonburi. According to Thai media reports, not only naked women, but now the agency faces charges under the Computer Act for uploading pornographic materials and information on the Internet.

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